The Alpinist Review : A Majestic Climb On A Huge Scale

There was real emotion that delivered a gut punch in the film

Who loves the thrill and excitement of extreme activities like skydiving and mountain climbing? Not me…unfortunately. As someone who is terrified of heights, those types of activities are not my jam. That fear even steered me away from seeing the awards darling, Free Solo. But I got over my fear and decided to give the new film, The Alpinist a chance. But was it worth it? Let’s discuss that!

First off, what is an alpinist? An alpinist is a mountain climber who focuses on high mountains. Makes sense, right? But this film is not about just any alpinist…this film is about Marc-Andre Leclerc. Leclerc gets the spotlight on not only his work in climbing these mountains but also his life. The sequences that focus on his life are probably the least interesting of the film. We get a sense of his relationship with his mother and his significant other, but they are standard tales. Is that a bad thing? Not inherently but that doesn’t mean they make for engaging narratives for a film.

Then what are the scenes that will draw you in? The climbing. Why else would you be here? The cinematography is simply…breathtaking. The ability to capture the scope and majesty of those peaks is incredible. Even if you stripped away all the human aspects of the film, there would be plenty of visuals to appreciate and enjoy. I was in awe sitting in my living room and can you imagine how amazing it would be up on that big screen.

Much to my surprise, what stuck with me the most? There was real emotion that delivered a gut punch in the film. Despite much of the narrative and biographical elements being quite standard, they certainly helped build up the finale. This film lingered in my mind long after and it wasn’t just for the incredible shots of mountain peaks.

Will The Alpinist deliver an experience worth taking? The visuals are stunning and some of the best natural shots you will see in film. Then there is some strong emotion that will last with you as well. Seek out this venture and join in on the majestic climb.

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