Trailer : Sin La Habana

Looks like a sassy, saucy, salsa-ing mix of Dirty Dancing and Havana!

Breaking Glass Pictures will release Kaveh Nabatian’s electric drama Sin La Habana on VOD/Digital June 27, 2023.

The pic, which looks like a dance-fueled, saucy and sizzling mix of Dirty Dancing and Redford/Olin film Havana, is set in the heat of Cuba.

Between the sultry chaos of Cuba and the harshness of a Quebec winter, three complex characters try to fulfil their dreams of intimacy, happiness and upward mobility. A love triangle where the fate of immigrants is coloured by passion, money and power.

Says Rich Wolff,CEO of Breaking Glass Pictures, “Sin La Habana is a captivating cinematic exploration of dreams, ambition, and the human search for fulfillment. With stunning visuals that transport you from the vibrant heat of Cuba to the chill of a Montreal winter, this film beautifully captures the complexities of our desires and the sacrifices we make to achieve them. It is a testament to the power of storytelling and the profound impact of chance encounters in shaping our lives. Sin La Habana is a thought-provoking and visually striking experience that will leave audiences reflecting on their own aspirations and the lengths they would go to make them a reality.”

Yonah Acosta, Aki Yaghoubi, and Evelyn Castroda O’Farrill star in Sin La Habana, spurring screens to sizzle this summer.

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