Trailer : The Asylum’s End Times

Rare big-screen outing for the mockbuster shingle with ‘Last of Us’ style thriller

Opening in theaters and on VOD this Friday, End Times is a rare big screen release for The Asylum. The film, which will open across North America in select theaters, reteams House of Bad director and actress Jim Towns and Sadie Katz, and also stars Jamie Bernadette, Craig Stark, Dominique Swain, and Maria Olsen.

The trailer was only just released :

End Times follows a pair of mismatched travelers, Claire and Freddie (Bernadette and Stark), as they try to escape a deadly pandemic that has turned Los Angeles into a zombie-infested wasteland. Claire is a privileged young suburbanite ill-equipped to survive in this hostile new landscape, until she meets Freddie, a retired soldier who lost his daughter to the virus. As they travel together to reach the perimeter, Freddie teaches Claire the skills that will enable Claire to survive, and the uneasy partnership between the two grows into something more akin to a father/daughter relationship. Before they can reach safety, the two will have to escape brutal gangs, cannibals, cults, and the undead.

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