New set pic from "X-Men : Days of Future Past", "As I Lay Dying" trailer, "Billy the Kid" series at Fox, Gandolfini back at HBO, Christopher Cain returns, Bassett joins "AHS", Ferland leads "Peppercorn Chronicles", Hedlund and more join "Violent Talent" and more

No "Falcon" or "War Machine" movie, "Now You See Me" motion poster, DVD release dates, Southern Light Alliance doing "Mice", Smith and Kline doing "My Old Lady", Anchor Bay takes "Grave" sequel, "Robodog" is coming, "Divergent 2" gets writer, "X-Men" will be in 3D, "Borgias" won't get third season

"G.I Joe" writers sue Paramount, Bingbing joins Chan's latest, Najafi doing "Inside the Machine", Knightley replaces Hathaway on "Laggies", Duplass starring in HBO's "Togetherness", Vallee doing "Demolition", "Man of Steel" TV Spot, Spike takes over "Cops", American International Pictures classics rebooted, Westwick has "Bone"

Trailers for "White House Down" and "Girl Most Likely", Downey may guest on "S.H.I.E.L.D", Stiller officially in talks for "Pinocchio", Slade directing "The Widow", Fred Rogers biopic in the works, Gadon joining "Dracula", Berdal joins "Hercules", Bening and Canavale join "Imagine", Meester and Jacobs in "Life Partners"

Boseman as Black Panther, one-half of Kris Kross dead, "Aftershock" red-band trailer, Two new heroes in "Avengers 2", Clarke joins "Last Days", McDormand and Jenkins in "Kitteridge", Cooper exits "Jane got a Gun", Watts in Baumbach's next, Collins in "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"

New movies for Costner, Firth, Worthington, Irvine, Tope, Skarsgard, Maguire, Wiig, Ponsoldt, Pitt, Marlin and more!

"Two and-a-half Men" renewed, The CW renews "Beast" and "Hart", while greenlighting "Originals", NBC renews "Parenthood", "Grimm" and more, Blum and Morgan producing Denham thriller, Bad Robot doing Stephen King series, "Story of the Pound", Groff and Mantello in "Normal Heart", Favreau directs and stars in "Chef", Ricci is "Unmasked", Berg does Derek Boogaard biopic, "Django" is unchained in China

"Occupied" teaser, "Daredevil" back at Marvel, "Ratchel and Clanks" going to cinemas., "Heat 2" and "Ride-Along 2" in the works, "Step Up 5" director announced, Ball lands 'Chuck' role in "Maze Runner", "Bling Ring" trailer, "Dunderheads" movie, "Search Party" finds trio

"Galaxy Quest 2" update, "Only God Forgives" trailer, Diaz/Segel reunite, Two for Will Smith, Boseman joining "Draft Day", "Hannibal" episode canned, Byrne and Sudeikis doing "Tumbledown", "Glee" going two more seasons - at least, Scorsese's "Silence" gets financing, Davis starring in Mann movie

Giovanni likes "Dads", Ford on Kimmel, "Only God Forgives" poster, Hannibal pic, Newman directs Steinfeld in "Barely Legal", Lionsgate at CinemaCon, Cassidy joins "Tomorrowland", O'Brien is a "Maze Runner", Burstyn in "Draft Day"

Audi, "Da Vinci's" renewed, Sharma joins baseball flick, Lowery doing "Torso", "Zombieland" online, "Rachel Rising" on TV, Collins in "Transcendence", Electro squiz, NBC's "Heroes" returning?

Downey quitting Iron Man?, "Gatsby" TV Spot, "Hemlock Grove" trailer, 'IceMan' pic, "Avengers 2" start date, "300" sequel poster, Caan and Gossett Jr in "Fighting Man", Sorvino joins "Wish", Rooker in "Guardians of the Galaxy", Langella in "Draft Day"

New "Catching Fire" pic, trailer for "Romeo & Juliet", Arquettes on TV, Judd joins "Divergent", Cohen directs "Crash Bandits", McHale joins Sandler comedy, Chenoweth in Broderick sitcom, Jonathan Winters dies, "Trek" posters, "300" image

New "Hunger Games : Catching Fire" pic, Trailers for "Filth" and "The Way Way Back", Cast added to "Eliza Graves", "Trolls" at Dreamworks Animation, Tucci and more board "Heat", Cornish heads to "Solace", Simons "Draft"ed, "Apes" set pics, Ken Marino wants you to "Go the Fuck to Sleep"

Harrelson and Neeson are "Highwaymen", Ayer/Pitt's "Fury" goes to Sony, Padihla doing "Brotherhood", "Java Heat" trailer, Emmerch joins Portman western, Murphy's "Open" coming to HBO, Streinfeld joins "Homesman", "Tarzan" postponed, Holland joins "Sea" movie, CW pushes "Cult" to web

"Behind the Candelabra" trailer, "Labyrinth" at Disney, Raymonde and Eastwood join "Chicago Fire" spin-off, AMC doing "Breaking Bad" spin-off, Kunka sells "Bermuda Triangle", Baldwin doing talk show?, Miller and Savin doing Greg Allman biopic, Landis talks "Chronicle 2", "Hobbit" on Ultraviolet, "Man of Steel" TV Spot

Aykroyd joins "Tammy", "Veronica Mars" movie update, Stevens "Swallows", Sagal in "Glee", Carrell and Gandolfini in "Bones" movie, "Half Bad" movie, Sarandon and Grace in "The Calling", Roday directs "Gravy", Hawkins joins "Godzilla", Pena joins O.Russell movie

Suzannah Pearce does her first '10 Breaking Bits'! Today : "Arrested Development" premiere date, Matthew Perry doing "Hollywood Game Night", "Mouseton Abbey", Michael Hutchence biopic has it's Michael, Milo O'Shea dead, Fijifilm kills lines, "Game of Thrones" sets records, "Khumba" adds Fishburne

"The Purge" Trailer, Shepard in "Klondike", Hardwicke making "Miracles", Three up for "Cinderella", Hemsworth doing "Raven", Hoult joins "Dark Places", Bichir directing "Refugio", "Happy Endings" may go to USA, Cinemax doing "Quarry", Olyphant joins "Leave You"

Oz wants "20,000 Leagues", "Planes" sneak peek, Bentley headlines "Things People Do", Perice to direct "The Brand", Fallon for "Tonight Show", Haimes sells "Supermax", Sturgess in "Eliza Graves", "Transformers 4" going to China, more "Thrones", Collette and Reno join "Hector"

1. "True Blood"'s sixth season begins June 11, HBO announced today. 2. NBC pilot "Girlfriend in a Coma" has been delayed. Christina Ricci's exit from...

TV spots for "The Great Gatsby" and "Iron Man 3", trailer and poster for "White House Down", trailer for "Pain & Gain", "Place Beyond the Pines" Poster, "Venom" script won't move forward.. and more

"Mad Men" trailer, "White House Down" poster, Lawson talks "Anchorman 2", "Dredd" sequel unlikely, Fisher for "Fantastic Four" reboot, Goyer on "Man of Steel" and more...

Harry Reems dead at 65, "The Host 2" in the works, Reese doing "Engagements", "Kick-Ass 2" cameos, "Star Trek 2" images, Manu Bennett upped on "Arrow", "Spider-Man 2" image, 007 update, "Transformers 4" synopsis, "At World's End" shifted

New trailer for "Despicable Me 2", Video Greeting from "Godzilla" set, Raimi directing "Rake", O'Quinn joins "Gang Related", Grammer in "Ironside", James Woods joins "Ray Donovan", Ricci leaves "Coma", Letterman may do "Goosebumps", Kinnear doing "Heaven" flick, Garland makes directorial debut

1. Mandy Moore has exited the ABC sitcom "Pulling". 2. Joseph Gordon Levitt's directorial debut has been renamed "Don Jon" (from "Don Jon's Addiction"). The actor...

1. Dean Winters ("Rescue Me") has joined the ensemble cast of ABC's modern-day "Romeo & Juliet" drama "Westwide" (previously known as "Venice"). 2. Allen Loeb...

1. Paramount have announced they're returning to TV production, teaming with Sony Pictures Television and CBS to co-produce the "Beverly Hills Cop" series. 2. Benjamin...

1. Less than 6 weeks after it was cancelled, Lifetime has announced it's bringing back Drop Dead Diva for a fifth season. 2. Anna...

1. "The Hobbit : There And Back Again" has been pushed back from July 2014 to December 2014. 2. Eliza Taylor, of TV's "Neighbours", has...


Lionsgate and CBS Films have slated  “Hell or High Water" to release in August in the US. The film will first open on August 12 in...
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