New casting for the upcoming 2012 sequel

The John Gulager directed sequel out in November

Norse God Cody Deal introduces the clip

And about those casting rumours...

Farrelly's want to reteam Carrey and Daniels

"Buffy" gal to play Twins

Based on the novel "Firing Point"

This might surprise some..

Director Antoine Fuqua shooting in April

Comedian and actor rumoured for action/comedy

More details on "Elephants" reshoots

A chat with the other Norse God, Cody Deal

Brooklyn Decker offers up on an update on 2012 release

Brief updates on Uncharted and the Entourage movie

The film has just crossed the $150 million mark

Second sequel to the Jason Statham movie in the works

Position Vacant on Angelina Jolie sequel

Synopsis for sequel also revealed

Asylum needs a Thor, Loki and Odin!

The action thriller starring Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver

The Who's, What's and Where's of the TV Reboot

Nolan open to casting a newcomer

Sons of Curt Connors and Richard and Mary Parker

New "Twilight Zone"-like series coming to TV

''We're hoping to shoot next year''


Lionsgate and CBS Films have slated  “Hell or High Water" to release in August in the US. The film will first open on August 12 in...
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