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Sunday, February 19, 2017


Chats with the stars of the screen

Ashton Kutcher & Robert Luketic

Talk about collaborating on the comedy, "Killers"

Christopher Nolan

Moviehole talks to "The Dark Knight" director about his latest, "Inception"

Leonardo DiCaprio

Talks about his role in the highly-anticipated "Inception"

Steve Carell & Paul Rudd

Katie talks to the cast & crew of "Dinner for Schmucks"

M.Night Shyamalan

Talks about his latest film, "The Last Airbender"

John C.Reilly

Talks to Tim Johnson about his new film "Cyrus"

John Ratzenberger

Reprises his role as Hamm in the smash-hit "Toy Story 3"

Jonah Hill

Talks about "Cyrus" and his next film "Moneyball"

Anika Noni Rose

A DVD interview with the star of "The Princess & the Frog"

Kristen Stewart

Talks about reprising Bella Swan in "The Twilight Saga :Eclipse"

Michael Keaton

Talks about playing 'Ken' in "Toy Story 3"

Toy Story 3 Cast

Jeff Garlin, Kristen Schaal & Joan Cusack on the new sequel

Taylor Lautner

An interview with the star of "The Twilight Saga : Eclipse"

Robert Pattinson

Returns as Edward Cullen in David Slade's "The Twilight Saga : Eclipse"

Amy Heckerling

Talks about her classics and next film, "Vamps"

Vincenzo Natali

Tim Johnson talks to the director of "Splice"

Ross Bagdasarian, Jr & Janice Karman

Talk up the new DVD release "Alvin and the Chipmunks : The Squeakquel"

The Sex and the City 2 Cast

Moviehole talks to Parker, Cattrall, Davis & Nixon

Anthony Hayes

One of the stars of the terrific new film "Animal Kingdom"

Joel Salatin

Alicia Malone chats to the 'star' of "Food Inc"

Lauren Glazier

Stars in the indy film "Going Back" and the upcoming "Killers"

Nick Giannopoulos & Vince Colosimo

Davin Sgargetta interviews the stars of "The Kings of Mykonos : Wog Boy 2"


Tim Johnson catches up with the actor/rapper in New York City

Megan Gale & Peter Helliar

Clint Morris catches up with the stars of the current Aussie smash, "I Love You Too"

Steven R. Monroe

Talks about the upcoming remake of "I Spit On Your Grave"

Colin Michael Day

Plays Jamie in the new independent drama "The Loneliest Road in America"

Sara Foster

An interview with the "90210" star about her new film, "Psych:9"

Gary Daniels

Talks about his roles in the upcoming "The Expendables" and "Tekken"

Michael Caine

Talks to Tim Johnson about his action-packed new flick "Harry Brown"

Queen Latifah

Talks about her role as 'Cinderella' in "Just Wright"


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