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Robin Williams »

The Oscar Winner talks about his new movie

Deb Fryers »

The Co-Producer of Paul Hogan’s latest, “Charlie & Boots”

Brian White »

In “Fighting”, former NFL player cum actor Brian White plays a bare-knuckle street-fighter who ultimately comes to blows with the film’s central character, Read more…

Roy Billing »

The “Underbelly” star now appears in the comedy “Charlie & Boots”

Eli Roth »

The horror filmmaker turns to acting with “Inglourious Basterds”

Patton Oswalt »

Winning raves for his performance in “Big Fan”

Ric O’Barry »

The true hero at the heart of “The Cove”

Jaume Collet-Serra »

Moviehole talks to the director of the terrifying “Orphan”

Judd Apatow »

Clint chats to the writer/director of “Funny People”

Isabelle Fuhrman »

Stars as Esther in the terrifying new flick “Orphan”

Ken Davitan »

The “Borat” star now in teen-comedy “The Prankster”

Joel Silver & Susan Downey »

Producers of the spine-chilling “Orphan”

Jeremy Piven »

Exclusive Interview with “Entourage” and “The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard” star

Preston Jones »

Clint chats to the “Road Trip 2″ and “True Blood” star

Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard »

The stars of the thrilling new movie “Orphan”

Stargate Universe cast »

Robert Caryle and the cast talk to Elyssa Harris

Rachel Nichols »

Moviehole’s Tim Johnson meets the “G.I Joe” star

Stuart Beattie »

Talks to Drew Turney about scripting “GI Joe : The Rise of Cobra”

Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward »

The “Beautiful Kate” director and star, respectively, talk to Clint Morris

Jonathan Chase »

Talks to Clint about “Gamer” and “All About Steve”

Eric Bana »

Talks about “Funny People” and “The Time Travellers Wife”

Kristen Bell »

And Freddie Highmore on the upcoming “Astro Boy”