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Bryan Singer may direct the next <i>X-Men</i> movie
26 Oct

Bryan Singer may direct the next X-Men movie »

Either because Matthew Vaughn’s developed an irritation to magnetic surfaces or Jennifer Lawrence refuses to reveal more blue skin than he’d like, the Read more…

Superhero News : <i>Captain America 2</i>, <i>Nick Fury</i>, <i>Man of Steel</i>, <i>Ghost Rider 2</i>, <i>Shazam!</i>, <i>X-Men FC 2</i>
27 Jan
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Superhero News : Captain America 2, Nick Fury, Man of Steel, Ghost Rider 2, Shazam!, X-Men FC 2 »

Hope you like comics

Rothman confirms new X-Men, Daredevil and Fantastic Four movies are on the way »

“First Class” sequel will be First Class

Latest on <i>Apes</i>, <i>Expendables</i>, <i>Tintin</i>, <i>X-Men</i> sequels
4 Nov

Latest on Apes, Expendables, Tintin, X-Men sequels »

The guy from The Goonies wasn’t the only Brand


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