Kevin Smith on some original players returning for Mallrats sequel

A few weeks back, Kevin Smith told our own Mandy Griffiths that if the pieces fall into place, Ben Affleck will be reprising his role as Shannon for the recently-announced “Mallrats” sequel.

“Oh, I hope so. I mean I’ll ask him when the time comes. It’s just whether he’s got the free time to jump out. That would be lovely. But, you know, him coming back for Holden [in “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot”] is super special because that character is super special. I don’t know if I’m like ‘hey man, it’s “Mallrats”, want to come back for Shannon Hamilton?’ he’ll be like, ‘no.’ [laughs]. But we’ll see.”

Today, Smith appeared on a livestream of the original film over at Focus Features to reveal some of the other players – actors whose commitments are seemingly firmer than Affleck’s – who’ll be returning for “Twilight of the Mallrats”, which he’s currently writing.

Said the filmmaker, Ethan Suplee, Sven-Ole Thorson and Renee Humphrey will definitely be back for the follow-up to his ’90s cult fave.

“There’s follow-up to Trish’s story in “Twilight of the Mallrats.” Scandalous”, he said of Humphrey’s return.

“LaFours is also back”, he said of 75-year-old Sven-Ole Thorson, who played the mall security guard in the original.

“Ethan [Suplee] is half this size now and RIPPED like LaFours. In Twilight of the Mallrats, he is the new mall security guy. Jacked.”

As for Affleck’s potential role, “[Shannon’s arrest] is a crucial plot point.”

Previously, Smith had suggested that Jeremy London, Jason Lee, Shannen Doherty, and Michael Rooker would also be back with Bruce Campbell also potentially in line for a role.

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