Predator 5 synopsis revealed ahead of Calgary shoot

Even the most irregular of film news readers knows that most follow-ups originally start out as original yarns either commissioned or written on spec that are later transformed into a sequel by the studio.

That also seems to be the case with the new “Predator” film that Dan Trachtenberg is directing for Foxisney, with AvP Galaxy (via Bloody Disgusting) confirming that the script was originally titled “Skulls”.

Trachtenberg has been aboard “Skulls” for about five years, apparently. Which begs the question : Did “Skulls” start out as “Predator” or something completely different!?

Here’s the story :

“The story will follow Kee, a Comanche woman who goes against gender norms and traditions to become a warrior. Many years ago – in a time before any Europeans had ever encroached on their lands – the Comanche people had a well defined society and gender norms. Kee is very close to her younger brother, Taabe, who is being groomed as a leader. As capable as any young man in the tribe, Kee has always been a teacher and source of inspiration for Taabe. In the Comanche way – she is Patsi – the elder sister that has helped to shape him. Kee is a truth teller and has insight that others do not. A tomboy, she wants to prove herself in the masculine world of the Comanche. When danger threatens them all – Kee sets out to prove that she is as capable as any young warrior.”

If the script has now been retooled to be the fifth in the “Predator” series, that ‘danger’ would now seemingly be the Predator.

The untitled, fifth “Predator” movie lenses later this year in Calgary.

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