Scarface reboot moves forward with Call Me By Your Name director

The reboot for “Scarface” has been plagued with director problems, with names such as David Ayer, Antoine Fuqua, Pablo Larrain, and David Yates all mentioned over the past 9 or so years.

Universal Pictures’ reimagining of “Scarface” dates back to 2011, and they finally seem to be making headway with “Call Me By Your Name” director Luca Guadagnino taking the reigns.

“Scarface” dates back to 1932 by Howard Hawks and Richard Rosson, and of course the more well known 1983 version by Brian De Palma, which starred Al Pacino as Cuban gangster Tony Montana. In the 1932 “Scarface”, an Italian (Paul Muni) took over Chicago, and in the De Palma remake, Montana cornered the cocaine trade in 1980s Miami, only to be consumed by it.

Per Deadline, the new movie will be set in Los Angeles. The pic’s shooting script will be off of Joel Coen and Ethan Coen’s version, who’ve been with the project for at least three years, with earlier drafts by Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer, Jonathan Herman and Paul Attanasio.

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