Steve Guttenberg fuels the Police Academy reboot rumors again

While hopes of a direct sequel to Leonard Nimoy’s 1987 original “Three Men and a Baby” have been soiled by the Disney+ remake factory (see here for Moviehole’s exclusive on what a “Three Men and a Bride” script would’ve entailed), Steve ‘The Gute!’ Guttenberg hints he’ll be reprising at least one of his classic ‘80s characters shortly.

Speaking to The Metro (via The List), the actor said we “haven’t seen the last” of Officer Mahoney.

The actor is, of course, referring to the long-in-the-works “Police Academy” reboot which, at last google, had Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key producing. Are they still onboard? Not sure. Will dig.

New Line have seen many occupying the writer’s seat on this one, with several drafts commissioned over the film’s decade-plus development period.

Now I’ve heard a couple of things about the new “Police Academy” movie. Firstly, they were going to announce, and consequently go into production on a new film early in 2020 but then the pandemic went and shut down the Academy. I’ve also heard that a couple of the original players, namely Guttenberg and Michael Winslow, have been attached to the latest incarnation for a while. That’s it for the moment.

Guttenberg’s most recent film is the British gangster pic “Original Gangster”.

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