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TV Wonder Woman might return for The Flash movie

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TV Wonder Woman might return for The Flash movie

TV Wonder Woman might return for The Flash movie

Just as The CW’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” united numerous players across the comicbookmovie-verse for a nifty crossover so too will Warner’s long-gestating feature film adaptation of “The Flash”.

Based on the comic arc ‘Flashpoint’, the superhero jaunt will see the scarlet speedster (Ezra Miller) zipping across the multiverse and encountering different caped crusaders and winged wondermen from alternate dimensions. Michael Keaton is already set to reprise his role as ’80s era Batman in the film.

A new rumor from The Vulcan Reporter suggests that TV’s Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, is in talks to reprise her Star-Spangled heroine role for the feature.

There’s a few other possibilities out there too – Brandon Routh has kinda-sorted hinted that his Superman might make an appearance in the film – but the Carter one might have juice to it. Like Michael Keaton, the actress was originally asked to reprise her Wonder Woman for The CW’s aforesaid “Crisis” event. Might the reason she nixed the opportunity – as is likely Keaton’s reason – have been because there was a bigscreen venture requesting her services, too? Bigger canvas, after all.

This movie sounds shit-hot. Let’s do this already.

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