Which two ‘Three Amigos’ were considered for Batman!?

You’ve likely heard the Adam West rumor – the one pertaining to the ’60s TV star campaigning to continue the Caped Crusader role to the big screen – but you might want to hold onto your hands for this Bat-bombshell!

In an interview with The Production Meeting, “Batman” (1989) actor Robert Wuhl says the producers had far crazier ideas than casting Michael Keaton in the title role.

The former “Arliss” star, who played reporter Alexander Knox in the Tim Burton directed film, says he once asked Jon Peters and Peter Gubers who they would’ve cast if it wasn’t Keaton.

“When I asked who they were thinking of, they said “Either Steve Martin or Chevy Chase””.

“You’ve got to remember that the greatest decision in the history of Warner Bros is giving Tim Burton the Batman franchise. You know when Joel Schumacher took over and they went in that crazy direction? that’s where they were thinking to begin with.

“They were not thinking Tim Burton – they were thinking Adam West, that was their Batman. Bill Murray might’ve also been on that list.”

Further, Wuhl believes that if Twitter and Facebook were around in 1988, when the film was being cast, Keaton wouldn’t have ended up donning the cowl.

“Had there been social media back then, I don’t think Michael would’ve been able to stand the deluge [of complaints].”

Keaton is expected to reprise the role some 30 years later in “The Flash”.

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