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Friday, October 21, 2016

Caffeinated Clint bought a ticket for Cameron Crowe’s Zoo

It's schmaltzy, but you'll buy it

Clint’s Mission : Impossible Ghost Protocol Review!

Which member of the IMF becomes a UFO in IST for IMAX audiences?

Alec Baldwin : Sorry ‘Get Off’ is not an acceptable word!

"30 Rock" star removed from airline over Words with Friends game

Caffeinated Clint vs. Embargo Breakers

Did you hear the one about the film critic who ran his "Dragon Tattoo" early?

Caffeinated Clint cops Rampart!

Woody Harrelson plays the most bent copper since Dennis Peck

Caffeinated Clint’s crazy in love for Like Crazy

A romantic drama that comes complete without a spoon to feed it's audience

The Muppets makes Clint feel all Warm and Fozzie!

Nostalgia-doused review of the new Jason Segel movie

Caffeinated Clint experiences Melancholia

It's the end of the world as we know it and I don't feel fine...

Caffeinated Clint vs. Al Pacino and his Son of No One

Channing Tatum and Dito Montiel reunite for a third time

Clint previews 20 minutes of footage from Mission : Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Darn thing just about set my fuse on fire!

Caffeinated Clint gets spooked by Paranormal Activity 3

The K-Mart of horror franchises still sellling cheap, quality product

Clint just witnessed a car crash called Trespass!

Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman and Joel Schumacher injured

Clint’s fired up about Burning Man

Jonathan Teplitzky's new drama starring Matthew Goode and Bojana Novakovic

Clint checks out The Thing!

And rushes to find the John Carpenter original to cleanse himself of the remake

Caffeinated Clint’s seen Bruce Willis’s upcoming actioner Catch .44

Deborah Ann Woll, Forest Whitaker and Nikki Reed also victims of it

Caffeinated Clint cuts Footloose!

What says our big purist of the 2011 remake!?

Clint checks out the fantastic Thor!

Branagh swaps 'Speare for Hammer

Caffeinated Clint : Scream 4 is a real hack job!

Craving more Craven?

Caffeinated Clint : One for the Bottle-bong generation, Paul!

And why it needed Edgar Wright

Caffeinated Clint : Buoy, that Reef is frightening

No-frills for High-thrills

Caffeinated Clint : Rango Dead Man’s Chest

The Verbinski/Depp trifecta is complete

Caffeinated Clint : Happy to get Wasted on Ben Lucas’s debut

"Wasted on the Young"? Hardly

Caffeinated Clint : Being Honest about Ron Howard’s latest

They say it's the best policy

Caffeinated Clint : Gets Tangled

A belated recommendation for a hairy hit


TV News: Ridley Scott, Iliza Shlesinger, Common set shows at CBS, ABC & Fox

CBS is developing "Mrs. V. Mr.", a legal drama from Ridley Scott, David Zucker and writer Brett Mahoney. According to Variety, the project follows a prominent, larger-than-life L.A....