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Movie News

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Actor Daniel Dae-Kim joins "Hawaii" Police Force

"Mandy Lane" joins the cast of Lussier's "Drive Angry"

The film's producer confirms remake is on hold

"Chuck" star wants to be Steve Rogers

Funny, Smart and Orally-Fixated

Responding to rumours "Gremlins 3" is in development

Writer hired for remake of Ben Affleck Superhero pic

"Twilight" star commits to another film franchise

Classic TV series headed to the big screen

''a beautiful glimpse into Chanel's life"

"Terminator Salvation" director doing romantic comedy

About this Logan Lerman rumours on the 'Web'

Actor said he had a pay-or-play deal on the film

Eric Bana starring in Joe Wright's Assassin Movie

Mini-reviews of the latest DVD & Blu-Ray releases

Is set to headline a new series for TBS

Diesel, Walker, Lin, Morgan and Moritz return

Plans afoot for 3D "Underworld" sequel

Actress reunites with "Amelia" distrib for "Walters"

Snyder, Moore and Gibbons just hit something!

Takes a baseball bad to badly written screenplays

Showgirls, Teen Wolves and Astro Zombies!

More than Meets the Eye!

Creator of 80s hit out to stop release of spoof

Felines and Pooches will be coming at you!

O'Brien has "had discussions" with the network

Michael Gencarelli on Who's In and Who's Out!

A fantasy thriller from the creators of "Underworld"

Character design from the upcoming feature film

Wilde joining Craig for Favreau's next


The Wrap is reporting that, with only meekly-pleasing ratings and a hefty production budget, CBS might be forced to abandon "Supergirl". If that happens,...
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