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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Movie News

The latest film and television news stories

Back to the Past : Bird on a Wire

Remember when Mel & Goldie could sell tickets?

The Crow

''The ultimate blend of thrills and romance''

Wonder Woman may be joining The Avengers

It's OK Joss knows what he's doing

Female lead in Superman is…. Ursa!

And we will get our Lois Lane fix too!

Hole Cast #17 : Stephen Frears

Clint and Mandy the Publicist with the weekly Podcast

Poster for The First Avenger : Captain America

'Feel the blues this July'

Cerise Human Condom spotted in Los Angeles!

"Spider-Man" set pics galore!

Jeff Bridges joins The Seventh Son

Apparently not a sequel to the Demi Moore movie

Amber Heard signs with Playboy

NBC series set at a '60s Playboy club

Harry Potter star has deathly plans for 007

Second villain for 23rd Bond movie?

Exclusive : Who’s Who and What’s What in 21 Jump Street

This might surprise some..

Affleck, Clooney faking it for movie

About the Tehran hostage crisis

Case of the missing Superman Producer

Salkind was lost, now he's found

Did Cavill’s casting shake up Superman short list?

All you American girlies may now be on the outer!

Eve, Kruger, Pike, Anapau want a Man of Steel

It's NOT the Lois Lane role

Eva Green bonding with Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows

Based on the '60s spook-soap

Jesse McCartney under Locke & Key

The new comic book series starring Miranda Otto

Baccarin, Lucas, Smulders up for The Avengers

Playing unnamed sidekick to Nick Fury

Raymond’s brother teams with Sopranos patriach

Brad Garett joins David Chase flick

Evil Queen Roberts?

Relativity courts Roberts for role in "Brothers Grimm: Snow White"

Quick News – February 3, 2011

"Pirates 4" clip, Amber Heard in "Playboy", "Pet Sematary"

Drew looking for exit out of Sanctum!

Review of the 3D Underwater thriller

Freddy Krueger vs. Edward Scissorhands!

More casting news for "Dark Shadows"

Steve Zaillian called in to rescue Jack Ryan

"Moscow" getting another rewrite

Snyder offered Kristen Stewart Lois Lane

Actress wants to do smaller films instead

The trailer for Bridesmaids

Will you say 'I do' to to this one?


First look at Kurt Russell in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2!

Plays Ego, the living planet, in the film.