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The Departed 2 confirmed to be in the works »

William Monahan is writing the script As per the recent rumours, Martin Scorsese has been toying with the idea of doing a sequel to “The Departed”. Seems we’ve got the closet thing to a confirmation on those slightly-hard-to-swallow rumours. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the claims today, saying that screenwriter William Monahan is working on a [...]

What did you say, Stanley? What did you say, Stanley? You said no Sequel! »

James Ryan to direct "Bachelor Party 2" James Ryan is in charge of the next “Bachelor Party”. The Tawny-Kitaen less sequel (and, well, it goes without saying that Tom Hanks won’t be back either) will be going straight to DVD, says Production Weekly. Based on a script by Jay Longino, the sequel follows Ron, who’s [...]

Mr Smith & Mrs Brewster? »

"Fast and the Furious" star linked to TV pilot Casting director Joseph Middleton does it again. The veteran star plucker – you’ll remember him from TVs 'Project Greenlight' – has chosen Jordana Brewster (one of the most in-demand actresses at the moment) to star in the “Mr & Mrs Smith” pilot. Assumingly, she’ll wear the [...]

Beckinsale rugs up for Whiteout »

Previously linked to Reese Witherspoon A couple of years back, Reese Wiitherspoon was attached to a little movie called “Whiteout”, which she told us was about “A U.S marshal, Carrie Stetko, and I have to uncover the first murder ever in the Antarctic, just before the sun sets for six months. Carrie has to catch [...]

Father of the Focker »

Teri Polo announces third "Meet the Parents" film Another Fockin’ sequel. Not content with ruining the merits of the first film enough (which I thought, was pants-wetting fabulous!) with their abysmal “Meet the Fockers”, the green-eyed creators of the “Meet the Parents” franchise are heading back to the shop. Yep, you guessed it – here [...]

Ask A Celeb : Muse Watson’s Answers! »

The "Prison Break" and "N.C.I.S" star answers YOUR questions Muse Watson knows What “You Did “ Last Week – You asked him some questions about his TV (Prison Break, NCIS) career, Film (I Know What You Did Last Summer, Songcatcher, All the Rage) career, and well, anything else you had to know about The Killer [...]

FOX still living in the Ice Age »

Second sequel in the works In an article discussing the presidential selection of Hutch Parker to both 20th Century Fox and Fox Animation, Variety mentioned that one of Hutch’s first flicks, whilst in the captain’s chair, is an “Ice Age 3”. Yep, Fox have plans to bring nut-chasing Scrat and the gang back for a [...]

Giannini returning for next Bond movie »

Reprising his role as Rene Mathis In addition to Daniel Craig and Eva Green (who will appear via video- - or something), Giancarlo Giannini says that he too will be reprising his role from “Casino Royale” for the next James Bond instalment, “Tomorrow’s World is Not Enough when the Living Daylights are For Your Eyes [...]

New!" >The Lost Film Files New! »

This Week : "The A-Team" In 2007, Moviehole will endeavor to delve deep into the ‘Whatever Happened To?’ Film Vault. Many people often write in to us at the site and inquire on the status of a film which was first announced in yesteryear, but remained in Development Hell – and so we’re going to [...]

Damian Chapa Has 2 new projects to tell you about »

One featuring Supermodel Rachel Hunter Remember last week when I run that bit about Damian Chapa (“Under Siege”, “Streetfighter”) in Caffeinated Clint? Incongruously – though I doubt this is a happenstance – a press release just turned up in the email altering me as to the actor’s new projects, including two he’s producing. Surprise, Surprise [...]

10 Film-ish things Clint’s looking forward to in 2007 »

Absolutely silly stuff..... like waiting for an "Indy 4" start date Ten Film-ish things I’m looking forward to in 2007. If you’ve a penchant for intelligent sprawl, move on please. This has nothing to do with the best movies for the year, the worst movies for the year, the best DVD releases of the year, [...]

Wanna ask Patrick Lussier a question? »

"White Noise : The Light" director taking your questions! You've just read the responses from DAREN ARONOFSKY ("The Fountain", "Requiem for a Dream") and soon you'll hear back from ED NEUMEIER ("Robocop", "Starship Troopers") and MUSE WATSON ("Prison Break"), now here's your chance to interact with another celeb, PATRICK LUSSIER. What am I talking about? [...]

Ask a Celeb : Darren Aronofsky’s Answers! »

"The Fountain" director answers reader questions 20 QUESTIONS WITH DARREN ARONOFSKY You Asked. He Answered. Yep, the first of our ‘Ask our Celeb’ features is complete. Here are director Darren Aronofsky’s responses to all you folks that sent him a question to answer. And don’t forget to check out his new pic “The Fountain” at [...]

Scout rubbing sticks together for Halloween »

The new Laurie Strode is found! And for a moment there I thought he might announce Sid Haig as having been cast as Laurie Strode. Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” has found its contemporary equivalent to Jamie Lee Curtis – or rather, the role she made her own in four “Halloween” movies – in newcomer Scout Taylor-Compton. [...]

The Weeksly Late Edition – 26/01/07 »

What films is Weeksy looking forward to in 2007?

Katie Holmes’ character recast for Batman sequel »

Mrs Cruise not returning for "The Dark Knight" This is going to spark a few Mailbag contributions. According to Latino Review – and they do seem to have some solid contacts at Warner Bros; remember who scooped the web on Brandon Routh playing Superman? – Katie Holmes will not be back in “The Dark Knight”, [...]

Beaver Shot »

An Epic Movie character spun-off Nothing like some Beaver to get the weekend started. Talking, of course, about the funny little beaver from the new film “Epic Movie”, who has his own spin-off TV show now. Well, kinda. Thanks to Natalie from ‘Urban Image Design in Los Angeles’ for passing it on.

Gossip Monkey – 26/1/07 »

The latest on "The Razzies", "Hot Fuzz", "Outlaw" Snow is here, my Londonites. Well, I stand corrrected as Londoners is the proper term for those residing in town. Man, it was an unexpected snowfall. When snow falls, it makes everything look a little magical to me. You know, in a Narnia kinda way. I was [...]

Moviehole at Sundance – Day 6 »

Paul's final day in the Snowy Cinema Circus By Paul Fischer Eagle Vs.Shark On this, my final day, it was a time to see one last time and check in exclusively with Antonio Banderas. To begin, Eagle vs Shark, from New Zealand, was a perfect way to conclude my Sundance ’07. A quirky, off beat, [...]

Canadian Rambler – 25/1/06 »

Um, yeah, Colin's still on the Poems With Colin Moore Weaponed 20 years back it's hard to believe "Lethal Weapon"'s first joint venture bob and weaved made a killing in the day. shitstorm hail on a heroin trail better believe it... "Go Spit," makes me misty eyed to say A cop on the edge gee, [...]

Computerized Chipmunks »

"Alvin" and company headed to the big screen As Rick Solomon would say “No, nothing is sacred”. 80s phenomenon (though they actually first popped up in the 1950s), “Alvin and The Chipmunks” are headed to the big screen, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Tim Hill, who directed kiddish efforts “Muppets in Space” and “Garfield 2”, [...]

What’s next for Eddie Murphy? »

Besides "Beverly Hills Cop 4" and "Starship Dave" Paramount seems pretty keen on having Eddie Murphy stick around – it’s out with Ethan Hunt, and in with Axel Foley! – now that he’s gone and scored himself an Oscar nomination (and a pretty new BMW) with their joint endeavor, “Dreamgirls”. According to Variety, Murphy’s not [...]


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