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Omar Sy enters <i>Jurassic World</i>
21 Mar
Written by Editorial Staff

Omar Sy enters Jurassic World »

The French actor tweeted this morning that he was ‚Äúvery proud to be part of the cast for Jurassic World”

De Niro headed to Gaghan’s <i>Candy Store</i>
4 May

De Niro headed to Gaghan’s Candy Store »

Jason Clarke and Omar Sy also star in the film. De Niro plays a cop.

Clarke, Sy teaming for <i>Candy Store</i>
4 Apr
Written by Suzannah Pearce

Clarke, Sy teaming for Candy Store »

Interweaves several storylines set against a dynamic criminal underworld in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

Omar Sy joins <i>X-Men : Days of Future Past</i>
3 Mar
Written by Brooke

Omar Sy joins X-Men : Days of Future Past »

The filmmaker didn’t say who Sy is playing but speculation is rife that he’s playing the character of Bishop


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