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5 franchises returning once Disney take over Fox!

Expect to see new “Home Alone” and “Planet of the Apes” movies within the next couple of years




Okay, so if you’ve been on Twitter, you’ll know enough about the Disney-Fox merger to know that a) Star Wars and Mickey Mouse can now work together b) There’s a decent shot at a solid Fantastic Four movie now and c) Frank-n-Furter will likely be the next Disney princess.

But besides shoddy Photoshop opportunities, what’s it all mean? Well, in a nutshell :

Disney take over for Fox, bringing their product into the storerooms with their own. The deal is expected to close in March, with only a few territories – in particular, Brazil has been bullish – lukewarm on the $71 billion buyout. Bob Iger is eager to lock this all down within the next six weeks, at which time we should have a ‘go’ date for the merge.

When it happens, and it will, Disney will inherit all of Fox’s Film and TV properties – and there’s too many of them to list here, but they include everything from the ‘’Die Hard’’, ‘’Predator’’ and ‘’Alien’’ franchises, to the Marvel characters they’ve housed for the past couple of decades (like ‘’X-Men’’), cult classic TV series like ‘’X-Files’’, ‘’Buffy, the Vampire Slayer’’ and “21 Jump Street”, Oscar winning greats like “Wall Street”, “Titanic” and “Working Girl”, and most importantly, the ‘Dude, Where’s My Car?’ brand.Heh.

While nothing has been officially announced, there are a number of franchises rumoured to be revving up again once Disney takes over – with some art departments and producing committees even tinkering at the projects before then – and you’ll have already read about those plans for “Deadpool” (and yes, it WILL be rated-R), the “Alien” films, and “Die Hard”.  What’s interesting about Disney’s future slate is that, because they’ll now be spoilt for choice when it comes to their franchises, the studio will be transitioning some franchises to the small screen instead – turning once-proposed features into TV series (“Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Narnia” already rumoured to be going that route).

In terms of film franchises outside of the superhero universe, here’s a few others that we’ve heard are making a comeback courtesy 500 S Buena Vista St.


Home Alone

Will Ferrell and Melissa McCarthy are being courted to play the new bumbling burglars in a reboot of John Hughes’ classic “Home Alone”. “SNL” star Mikey Day and writing partner Streeter Seidell are scripting a film that will reportedly be set in the same universe as the original films – which means there’s a wee chance of a Macaulay Culkin cameo.


Planet of the Apes

Matt Reeves recently concluded his ”Planet of the Apes” franchise at Fox– with the bravura “War of the Planet of the Apes” – so Disney have a clean slate when it comes to a legendary franchise initiated by Franklin J. Schaffner in 1968. Have heard they’re quite keen to do another “Planet of the Apes” but whether that’s a remake or even a sequel to “War”, who knows? Guess they’ll shuffle in a horde of writers to pitch their different ideas and go from there.


Alvin and the Chipmunks

Classic cartoon series, numerous hit albums, a hit movie franchise for Fox, a successful new Cartoon Network ‘toon…  of course Disney are going to bring back Alvin, Theodore & Simon! Expect family franchises like “Alvin” (as well as “Night at the Museum” and “The Wimpy Kid”) to be of the first newly-greenlit projects over at Walt’s pad.


The Fly

No brainer. Fox have been trying to get a new “Fly” off the ground for years – and J.D Dillard and Alex Theurer “wrote a cool script”, we’re told – and Disney will continue developing. Such an awesome template to work on. How can Disney release horror and edgy adult fare like this? It’s called offshoot labels, folks – remember the Touchstone banner that Disney used to release adult fare like “Starship Troopers” and “Shoot to Kill” in the ‘80s and ‘90s?



“There’s talk” of something “Speed” happening, I’m told. One of Fox’s flag-ship action hits, and largely so because of the electric combo of Keanu Reeves and director Jan de Bont, don’t be at all surprised if Disney attempt to at least entice Reeves back into the fold. Fox have been looking at it for years, but couldn’t crack it. Reves does seem very keen on sequels right now, so maybe that was the hold up before? And who wouldn’t want to have a ‘Reeves-fronted’ action franchise in their house right now, with “John Wick” such a phenomenon!?


Gonna be a real interesting time for us movie fans when this kicks in!

Movie News

A League of Their Own 2 in the works?

Original writer reveals there’s a story for a follow-up





Hot on the heels of Geena Davis’s enthusiastic response a few days ago when asked whether she’d be down for a sequel to her ’90s gem “A League of Their Own”, Kelly Candaele, who came up with the story for the 1992 money-spinner, reveals he’s keen too.

Candaele, whose mother Helen Callaghan played in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League, tells The L.A Times that there’s even a story for one.

In his take, Dottie (Davis’s character) would be coaching a high school girls softball team.

“It’s set around 1990 so the impact of Title IX, which allowed women equal access to athletic opportunities, is taking hold. Through a series of events, Dottie ends up coaching a high school girls softball team — taking over from a nitwit male coach. She recruits three of her former teammates – including Kit — to help her out. It’s really a story about how older women teach younger women about life lessons during some difficult social changes. Of course the title is “There’s No Crying in Baseball.”

No word if the story has yet caught the eye or interest of studio execs yet (and at last count, seems they were doing a TV reboot instead).

Candaele’s documentary, also titled “A League of Their Own”, and about his mother’s years as a professional baseball player in the 1940s, was awarded an Emmy as part of a public television series. He would later go on to write the story for the Columbia Pictures movie, which Penny Marshall helmed. In addition to Davis, the film starred Tom Hanks, Lori Petty, Rosie O’Donnell, Madonna, Tracey Reiner, Ann Cusack and Jon Lovitz.

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Will Rufus be recast in Bill & Ted 3?

Alex Winter, one-half of Wild Stallions, answers the question





Alex Winter, one-half of Wild Stallions, took to Twitter today to denounce rumors that George Carlin’s character Rufus might be recast of the upcoming third “Bill & Ted” movie.

Carlin, who played the memorable time-traveling guide in the original films with Winter and co-star Keanu Reeves, sadly passed away in 2008.

Rather than fill the role with another actor (as one punter below suggests), “Bill & Ted Face the Music” will likely play homage to Carlin and his character but not fill the slot.

One face from the earlier films – well, the sequel – will be back for another go-round : William Sadler is returning as ‘Death’.

The film, which will reportedly see Bill & Ted having to write the greatest song ever, one that will save ‘the universe’, will open nationwide on Aug. 21, 2020.

Production is set to begin this summer on the film with Dean Parisot at the helm.

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Star Wars : The Rise of Skywalker new images, new info, new hope!

 A Hutt’s allotment of “Star Wars” ‘portions’ arrived this morning!





A Hutt’s allotment of “Star Wars” ‘portions’ arrived this morning with the reveal of some gorgeous new imagery, info and an all-encompass article on “The Rise of Skywalker” – from the pages of Vanity Fair.

In addition to the glittering assortment of images below – that’s Keri Russell under the helmet, by the way; doesn’t she look killer!?! – the article also gives us out first looks at Naomi Ackie and Richard E. Grant’s characters, as well as the return of some welcome favorites (Luke! Lando!).  Per the article, JJ Abrams-fave Russell is Zorri Bliss, a scoundrel posing in the Thieves’ Quarter of the snow-dusted world Kijimi, Ackie is rebel warrior Jannah who, atop an orbak, helps lead the charge against the ‘baddies’, while Oscar nominee Grant is new First Order employee Allegiant General Pryde.

Sources at Disney confirm for the outlet that the Knights of Ren (pictured below) appear in the movie. “And then he had been forging this maybe-bond with Rey,” Adam Driver, back as the iniquitous Kylo Ren, says, “and it kind of ends with the question in the air: is he going to pursue that relationship, or when the door of her ship goes up, does that also close that camaraderie that they were maybe forming?”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anthony Daniels’ C-3P0, a character that has appeared in every “Star Wars” film since 1977’s “A New Hope”, has a surprising arc in the film by sounds.

Daniels tells the magazine that the opinionated droif does something in this movie that surprises everybody—but he wouldn’t say what. “He keeps his clothes on. It’s not like he suddenly does this thing, but …”

There’s also the return of Billy Dee Williams’ Lando Callrisian, last seen partying with the Ewoks in “Return of the Jedi”.

“He’s a survivor. It’s expediency for him,” Williams says. “You know, he was thrown into a situation which he didn’t look for and he had to try to figure out how to deal with an entity which is more than just a human.” And, he adds, with the weary air of somebody who has spent way too much time justifying the behavior of a fictional character, “nobody died!”

The article, which also states that it picks up about a year after the events of “The Last Jedi” (gives everyone time to warm up after spending so much time on the ice), states Billie Lourd insisted on having more scenes with her late mother Carrie Fisher.

“And so, there are moments where they’re talking; there are moments where they’re touching,” Abrams says. “There are moments in this movie where Carrie is there, and I really do feel there is an element of the uncanny, spiritual, you know, classic Carrie, that it would have happened this way, because somehow it worked. And I never thought it would.”

The article can be found here.

“Star Wars : The Rise of Skywalker” opens December 20.


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