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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Moviehole Mailbag – 27/7/10

Holden is here to brighten up your Monday!

Sucker Punch trailer online!

Zack Snyder's upcoming girlpower blockbuster

The 007 with the Dragon Tattoo

Daniel Craig headlining David Fincher's next film

Caffeinated Clint Greats : Interview Series

Today : "Can't Buy Me Love" (1987)

Josh Hutcherson’s Spider-Man audition!

Updated with the video itself!

Four Green Lantern Character Posters

Reynolds, Lively, Strong, Sarsgaard one-sheeters

Caffeinated Clint : From Capeside to San Diego

The best "Fringe" offering of the whole convention

SDCC : Portman on Dragon Tattoo rumors

Was said to be up for the lead role in the remake

SDCC : Kevin Smith announces Red State star

An actor from Quentin Tarantino's movies

SDCC : The Punisher Rebooted! Again!

Marvel regains the rights; won't be a "War Zone" sequel

Art of Nothing : Black Swan First Look

Beautiful snaps from Aronofsky's latest

SDCC : Paul Panel

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg talk up the new comedy

Dafoe, Neill reunite for The Hunter

A Tasmanian take on "The Ghost and the Darkness"?

SDCC : Captain America Trailer

Marvel gives audiences their first glimpse of the First Avenger!

SDCC : Ruffalo is The Incredible Hulk!

Updated with pics from "Avengers" panel

SDCC : Bernsen not returning for Major League 3

Roger Dorn isn't in David S. Ward's sequel script

SDCC : First Cowboys & Aliens Still!

James Bond takes on E.T in the newie from Jon Favreau

SDCC : Green Lantern Press Conference

With Reynolds, Lively, Campbell, Sarsgaard, Strong

SDCC : Drive Angry, Sucker Punch, Goon, Monsters

Teaser Trailers and Character Posters

SDCC : Stabbing at Comic Con!

One man stabs another with pen over seat!

SDCC : Film of Eisner’s A Contract with God a Go!

Independent directors doing a chapter each

SDCC : Alex Aja remaking Maniac?

William Lustig's 1980 horror classic

SDCC : Jeremy Renner is Hawkeye in The Avengers

"Hurt Locker" Oscar Nominee, a Superhero!

Johansson replaces Jolie in Gravity

Alfonso Cauron's long-gestating sci-fi pic

SDCC : Rodriguez’s Machete Party

Tacos, Go-Go dancers, Q&A, Clips, Trailer!

SDCC : Lost Boys TV Show on the way!?

And Feldman confirms plans for further films

SDCC : del Toro doing Pinocchio

And a horror anthology series for cable TV

SDCC : RoboCop is Gone. Kaput. Canceled.

Darren Aronofsky was to direct MGM reboot

SDCC : Ruffalo about to unveiled as Hulk!?

The "Avengers" deal may be done.

Lawrence talks X-Men : First Class

Plays Mystique in the Matthew Vaughn-directed pic


Ronald Reagan biopic get director

Sean McNamara has signed on to direct "Reagan", an independent Ronald Reagan biopic which will follow the titular character from teenager to President, reports...