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Monday, October 24, 2016

New Thor, The Thing, Scream 4 Images

New pics from Empire featuring Chris Hemsworth

Adams, Carell & Hader in talks for Muppet movie

Oscar Nominees, Funnymen, Swedish Chefs!

Tony Gilroy directing fourth Bourne

Will Matt Damon return as the amnesiac spy!?

Breaking : Zack Snyder to direct Superman

Updated with comments from Zack

Lots of Batman bits this weekend

Caine and Nolan confirm involvement, start date

10 Sequels You Never Knew Existed

"Romy & Michele", "Splash Too!", "The Birds 2"

Trailer for Death Race 2 Online

Danny Trejo and Luke Goss in petrolhead sequel

Reynolds addresses Green Lantern/Deadpool rumours

Will he only front the one superhero franchise?

The Peacemaker

''sound mix is a boisterous affair''

American Beauty

''The Blu-Ray transfer is good at best''

She’s Out Of My League

''A charmer from the school of Apatow''

Wonder Woman flies her Invisible Jet to TV!

Superhero series from David E.Kelley

ABC cancels My Generation

Like "Lone Star", it lasted all of two episodes

X-Men opening recreated for X-Men : First Class

Magneto's origin retold frame-for-frame

The legendary Stephen J.Cannell has passed away

Gave us "Knight Rider" and "The A-Team"

Philip Seymour Hoffman vs. Spider-Man!?

"Spider-Man" villain rumours have started

Glee star to play Spider-Man love interest?

Another actress in contention for Stacy

The Munsters are returning to TV!

Pitched as "Modern Family meets True Blood"

Ridley Scott and Fox fighting over Alien prequel?

Film may have been put on hold

Original Fright Night villain to appear in remake

Chris Sarandon joins Dreamworks' redo

Cynical Optimist : Let Me In = Wow!

Matt Reeves' ''endearing coming-of-age story''

Rome star is Ghost Rider 2 villain

Nicolas Cage sequel shoots in November

Leo, Tobey & Seyfried in a remake of The Great Gatsby!?

Baz Luhrmann rumored to direct

Alias star joins The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn

The Denali clan have been cast

Quick News – October 1, 2010

"Black Dynamite" 'toon pics, "ID4 2", "Tourist" poster

The Hole Cast #6 – Zac Efron

Special Guest : Zac Efron ("Charlie St. Cloud")

Harry Potter star joins Men in Black 3

Don't worry, Ron Weasley isn't replacing Will Smith

Affleck may direct Gangster Squad

A film with Matt Damon also on the cards?

Mission : Impossible 4 Set Pics Online!

Who knew Ethan was a Bruce Springsteen fan!?


Fillion, Robbie & Adams for Wizard of Oz prequel?

Nathan Fillion, Margot Robbie and Amy Adams are being sought for a new prequel to classic "Wizard of Oz". RAMstar Studios "How the Wizard Came...