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Tatum talks G.I Joe 2

Hopes the filmmakers don't rush this one

Box Office Report : Mar 12-14

"Alice in Wonderland" ruled the box office in week 2

Old faves return for Police Academy

Producer Paul Maslansky on the reboot

Star Wars for Toddlers coming!

May the Force Be With You...Squishies!?

First look at Faster, The Mechanic

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham's new movies

Rose McGowan likes Muscle Men

Red Sonja joins the cast of "Conan" reboot

Moe the Bartender joins The Smurfs

UPDATE! Hank Azaria's Gargamel not animated!

Tom Selleck is the Law

Magnum P.I returns to his old home at CBS

Weaver giving out love bites!

Vampire horror/comedy stars Alicia Silverstone

From Everwood to Hollywood

Gregory Smith cast in three promising features

Exclusive Pirates of the Caribbean Casting Call

Can you swim? Can you dance? Are you hot?

Who’s starring in the new Muppet Movie?

TV favourite will be human lead in sequel

Frak Yeah! Battlestar spin-off in the works!

SyFy returns to Space!

Moviehole Mailbag (Mar 16th)

The return of the ever-popular 'Letters' bit!

Spider-Man to play Chess

Maguire set for David Fincher's Bobby Fischer Pic

Scorsese targets Hit-Girl

Moretz, Kingsley and more aboard Marty's "Cabaret"

New Captain America Candidates!

More actors added to the Steve Rogers wish-list!

Robot Promoter Has Kid

Young Canadian actor playing Jackman Jr in "Real Steel"

Green on Six Pack, Scripts

"Your Highness" helmer still aboard Rogers remake

Conan : Rourke out, Ron in

Hellboy replaces the Wrestler in "Barbarian" remake

Predators preview online!

Your first look at the Robert Rodriguez-produced sequel

24 to swap networks?

Jay Leno's crowd may be interested in Jack Bauer

Terminator back on TV

Summer Glau aboard small-screen Superhero project

The Box

''Willingly runs off the rails''

Michael Jackson’s This Is It

''Strictly pressed factory floor sweepings''

Phoenix to play Poe?

A Sound Recordist reveals details on new project

Bowen aboard Horrible movie

An upcoming thriller from the writer of "Dead Birds"

Terminator Dare’s to Fly

Sam Worthington in new comic-book movie

Weaving is Captain America villain

Reuniting with "Wolfman" director Joe Johnston

Wyatt directing Monkey Movie

Bigelow was 'Beneath' the "Planet of the Apes"



Warcraft: The Beginning

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