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Movie News

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Not safe for the workplace, but well worth a look!

The latest family flick from Dreamworks Animation

In Disney's "Alice in Wonderland"

The filmmaker vs. studio battle rages on

Not safe for the kiddies, though!

Summit film spins off into TV-series

"Police Academy" fave joins Mischa Barton comedy

Director of "Facing Ali" now on DVD

The highly-anticipated Easter release!

Person in question has signed to direct 3 films in all

"Alice in Wonderland" helmer's next Disney redo

Well, we know it isn't "Spider-Man 4"

From the director of "Saw 6"!

Aside from Samuel L. 'Nick Fury' Jackson

Writer Jon Hurwitz on the upcoming Paramount comedy

Kat spits in the face of the Golden Globe!

Who and What The Fraze wants in the next sequel!

Superman cameo won't make it into "Lantern"

New "Spider-Man" casting rumour, director update

"The Hurt Locker" lost its combination?

"Mad Max 4", "Passion Play", "John Carter", "Happy Feet 2"

"Green Lantern" may have it's Sinestro!

Recent films that Mel Gibson may have passed on

Conan O'Brien exiting with a mound of cash

"Predators" director a favourite to direct "Spiderman 2.0"?

Including a look at Jessica Biel's beauticous villain

So says "Jurassic Park 3" Director Joe Johnston

"New Moon" helmer doing "The Gardener" for Summit

They didn't have to go too far to find him....

"Twilight" star a contender for "Conan" redo?


The remake of 1996's "The Craft", conjured up last year over at Sony, is moving ahead - - only, seems it's much less a...
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