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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Movie News

The latest film and television news stories

Drew List : Cinema’s Best Fights

The best biffo in the blockbusters!

Hough talks Footloose remake

Is it based on the musical or a straight-up remake?

New live-action Batman TV series on the way!?

Bats and the Joker headed to the box

School of Rot

"Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" has a director

First Cowboys & Aliens Poster

Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford to Cowboy Up!

Image, Poster & Synopsis for Cars 2

Owen Wilson's back as Lightning McQueen

Van Damme vs Doctor Teeth!

Disney's Muppet movie announces more cast

No more Walking Dead until October, 2011!?

AMC holding off on running the second season

Jeff Bridges wants to reprise another character

Which one? Starman? Jimmy Dove? The Dude? Terry Brogan?

Caffeinated Clint : Where’s the The Thing gone!?

Has the studio got another "Wolfman" on their hands?

Bill Clinton joins The Hangover 2

The President joins the cast of the comedy sequel

Van Damme for Joel Silver’s Dragon Eyes?

A man teams with criminals to take down corrupt law enforcers

The Cynical Optimist : Rescue Clone Wars Season 3!

Is the "Star Wars" name about to be tainted again?

Alien Anthology

"Brace yourself for the definitive Blu-ray release"

Wolverine sequel will be titled…

"It isn't a sequel", says Darren Aronofsky

Trailer Round-Up – 14/11/10

"Battle : Los Angeles", "Barney's Version", "Season of the Witch"

4 new pics from Scream 4

First look at Aimee Teegarden and Mary McDonnell's characters

Colin Farrell offered Schwarzenegger remake

Bullseye's life is a dream

Set Pics from the new Muppet movie

Taken at the Muppet Studios set on LaBrea

Monahan directing tale of Departed Archbishop

Oscar Winning screenwriter doing "Becket"

A Swedish Underworld coming

Marlind and Stein to direct Kate Beckinsale sequel

New Green Lantern Clips!

While that other "Green" movie scores high in test screenings!

Giamatti to Shoot ‘Em Up with Hangover crew

Joins the cast of the comedy sequel

Hole Cast #10 – Gareth Edwards

The director of "Monsters" joins our weekly podcast

Will The Goonies 2 Happen?

The Astoria adventurers will return in some shape or form

Natalie Portman pens raunchy comedy

Queen Amilda asks you to "BYO"

Lynch, Trejo, Glover & Schaal join Muppet movie

Starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams

The Exorcist

"A stellar release Warner Bros"

Quick News – November 12, 2010

Spider-Man dies, Free tix, Three Stooges off?


Tomb Raider reboot’s casting coup!

Walter Goggins is in talks to play the villain in the new film adaptation of video game series "Tomb Raider", says Variety. The terrific "Justified"...