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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Quick News – September 10, 2010

"Captain America" pics, "Dr. Strange" rumours, "Potter" spot

Travolta’s got Saturday Night Fever again!?

Actor wants a 'bookend' for the series

Tim ‘The Toolman’ Taylor returning to TV?

Allen may be back on TV next year

Did Ted Mosby father Captain Kirk!?

"Trek" actress boards Television's "Mother"

Full Saw 3D Trailer Online

Jigsaw tortures Cary Elwes in 3D!

Hansel & Gretel sequel nabs Renner, Rapace

Lets hope they're not paid in breadcrumbs

Reliving the movies of 1990 – Part 4

The Gremlins and Dick Tracy return!

Joel McHale doing Robert Rodriguez movie!

"Community" star playing "Spy Hunter"

Peter Jackson may have found his Bilbo Baggins

Brit actor may be doing "The Hobbit"

Ritchie Cunningham’s Dark Tower plans revealed

King book coming to cinemas, TV

First Look at January Jones as Emma Frost!

Pictures from "X-Men" set in the UK!

Liam Neeson joins the Navy

Starring in sea-set blockbuster for Uni

Schwentke directing Dead Ryan Reynolds Pic

McG was previously circling "R.I.P.D"

Michael Caine chased by Giant Bees!?

Buzz on "Journey" sequel grows

The Fifth Element

"Will enthral you again and again"

Star Wars star heading back into Space!?

Alongside Robert Downey in "Gravity"

Bond Girl may be Alien Girl

Ridley Scott fancies actress for prequel

The Hole Cast #3 – Emma Stone

Emma Stone drops by to talk "Easy A"

Feature : Best Tracking Shots

Ones that compliment a story

Hilary Duff could be Spider-Man‘s girlfriend

And Andrew Garfield talks Parker part

Alien prequel going to ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’

Space Jockey goes Pink Floyd?

Lara Croft director tackling another female heroine

Jan de Bont leaves the fluff behind

Robert Duvall can’t get money

Hollywood has seemingly gone to heck

Meet Judge Dredd’s new female sidekick!

Pete Travis-directed reboot of '95 film

Kelsey Grammer resurrecting Frasier!?

Spin-off may focus on his kids

Reliving the movies of 1990 – Part 3

Leaping back into the DeVille with Eddie Murphy

Trailer for Cromwell’s Lonely Place online

Thriller set in an abandoned prison

Shyamalan : I cannabilized Unbreakable 2

The latest on the long-proposed sequel

Behold Anderson’s Three Musketeers Poster!

Milla must liketh the 3D!



Julia Roberts to play Framed PTA mum

Julia Roberts is set to star in "Framed", a feature film based on Christopher Goffard's L.A. Times serial "Framed". According to Mashable, Roberts will play Kelli Peters,...