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Depp returns for Pirates of the Caribbean 4 »

Craptacular series continues with Tommy Hansen leading the charge Money talks, and bs - considering we're talking about the "Pirates" franchise, it's a statement that's spot on I reckon? - walks. has confirmed that Johnny Depp has signed on – yes, signed – to play Jack Sparrow a fourth time. Whether that’s in a [...]

Gilmore Girls movie? »

TV Guide on a two-hour reunion movie TV Guide reports that the “Gilmore Girls” mightn't be seen in more than just middle-of-the-day repeats in a couple of years. According to my pal Michael Ausiello, a two-hour telemovie may be on the cards. Amy-Sherman Palladino, head honcho on the show, told the site, “in the next [...]

A couple of Angel’s shoot for Victory »

Boreanaz and Gugino in basketball movie David Boreanaz (“Angel”, “Bones”) will join “Entourage” hottie Carla Gugino for “Our Lady of Victory”, a new basketball drama from director Tim Chambers. Boreanaz, who hasn’t had a lot of luck on the big screen (nor small – when it comes to films), will play Gugino’s husband in the [...]

The Secret Life of Wayne Campbell? »

Mike Myers in a remake of "Walter Mitty" Mike Myers will star in a remake of the cinematic classic “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – Owen Wilson was once attached to it – for 20th Century Fox, says The Hollywood Reporter. "Mitty" centers on a quintessential daydreamer whose vivid imagination allows him to escape [...]

Run Urban Run »

The director of "Die Hard" returns with new actioner The king of 80s action cinema - we’re talking about folks behind the camera so save the emails Michael Dudikoff fans – filmmaker John McTiernan (“Predator”, “Die Hard”, “The Hunt for Red October”) is returning to do what he does best: blow shit up; pit a [...]

The Cleaner on Night Watch duties »

Cedric the Entertainer joins Keanu's latest Funnyman Cedric the Entertainer (“Codename: The Cleaner”) has joined the cast of “Night Watch”. “David Ayer is directing it”, the actor tells “I play an informant named Scribbles. There are all these corrupt cops and they getting information from this modern day "Huggy Bear", but it's not comedic. [...]

Bryan Loves the brand new look »

And win Masks from the movie! Controversial horror flick “Bryan Loves You” has a brand new look care of its new rep, Shoreline Entertainment. The movie’s got a brand new look, but those classic masks seen throughout “Bryan Loves You” will remain the same, and they’re NOW on the giveaway block. The producers, Landau Motion [...]

Neo, Prom King & Alfie are Watchmen? »

Casting chat for the upcoming graphic novel cum movie Patrick Wilson (“Little Children”), Keanu Reeves and Jude Law are all set for roles in the long-gestating film version of “Watchmen”, says Aint it Cool. (Yep, Reeves would be Dr. Manhattan). Check yourself over here and be down with it all.

Curve goes off without a Hitch »

Eva Mendes in new Neal Moritz thriller Eva Mendes ("Ghost Rider") will headline a new action-thriller from “Fast and the Furious” producer Neal Moritz. The luscious latino will play a young woman doing battle with a psychopathic killer in “Curve”, based on a script by Jamie Vanderbilt ("Zodiac") and Kimberly Johnson. According to Variety, the [...]

Hughes’ Brothers open the Book of Eli »

A Post-Apocalyptic thriller for Warner Bros Allen and Albert Hughes (“From Hell”) will direct a post-apocalyptic thriller called “Book of Eli” for Jeffy Robinov and the Warners. The beard, Joel Silver, is also on board as a producer. Scripted by Gary Whitta, the drama, says Variety, revolves around a lone hero who fights his way [...]

Will Robert Rodriguez nail Barbarella? »

Remake of the Fonda-in-shag-panties classic Robert Rodriguez is going to be busier than a paper shredder at the Whitehouse. On top of “Sin City 2”, “Land of the Lost” and “The Jetsons”, the talented and visually gifted artiste has signed on to direct the remake of Jane Fonda-in-loin-cloth (something I’m glad we didn’t see in [...]

A Dark Knight is in Johnny Smith’s future! »

Anthony Michael Hall enters Batman's "Zone" was wondering when the kicks from his comeback would start to roll in. “The Dead Zone” has done wonders for the-artist-formerly-known-as-Farmer-Ted, 80s icon Anthony Michael Hall (“The Breakfast Club”, “Sixteen Candles”), but I thought his film career might’ve got a swift kicks in the pants a little sooner that [...]

Its Heath Ledger as The Joker, Kids! »

"The Dark Knight" villain revealed I’m a little late to board the carriage on this one…. But in case you missed it, ‘The Joker’ is beginning to be revealed over at : For those who can’t stand the mystery, though… Click here to see what The Joker will look like.

Joel Silver is the Master of the Universe »

From "House of Wax" to House of "He-Man" Remember the news from a couple of weeks ago – initiated in a we-live-by-the-fluff British tabloid – suggesting that Legendary Pictures had picked up the rights to “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe”? You didn’t need a plunger to sink that shit. It had fabricated fluff [...]

Promo trailer for John Rambo online »

Stallone is definitely back! Aint it Cool News has posted a promo trailer for the forthcoming "John Rambo" starring Sylvester Stallone, Julie Benz and Paul Schulze (No, Sam Elliot is NOT in this movie). This looks pretty damn good, "Rocky Balboa" good. Check it out here

Bana talks The Incredible Hulk »

Gives Edward Norton the thumbs up! Now that he’s come out and said it himself, I can tell you Eric Bana was against doing a “Hulk” sequel from day one. He liked the experience of doing the first film, but didn't really feel there was anywhere to go for the character if they'd done a [...]

Smokin’ Aces 2 in the works? »

Carnahan says it'll be a direct-to-dvd sequel The film mightn’t have put a lot of bums on seats at the box office, but on DVD, “Smokin’ Aces” has left Blockbuster with an empty shelf. Director Joe Carnahan says on his official site that Universal are so pleased with the numbers that the film – released [...]

Veronica Mars is dead »

One of the best shows on TV is no more Both TV Guide and Neptune Site have confirmed that Veronica Mars has solved her last case. Ever. Sniffle. Though hopes were high that the CW might renew the series for a fourth season – with Veronica now a young FBI agent – seems all hope [...]

The Heat is Back On! »

De Niro and Pacino to reunite This is bound to wet the diapers of a few fanboys. “Godfather II” and “Heat” duo Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are set to re-team for "Righteous Kill," a $60 million indie production put together by Nu Image's Millennium Films and Emmett/Furla Films, says Variety. Shooting will begin [...]

Its all Relativity for Clancy »

"Without Remorse" finds a new home Finally, another Tom Clancy book cum film looks to grace our cinema screens. With “Red Rabbit” (the one Ben Affleck was supposed to follow-up “Sum Of All Fears” with; reprising his role as young CIA Analyst Jack Ryan) as good as dead and “Rainbow Six” not going anywhere fast, [...]

Smith’s just separated, not divorced »

TV spin-off may happen elsewhere I was really surprised to read that ABC passed on the “Mr and Mrs Smith” series. Those things - series’ based on films – usually always get picked up – even if they’re quickly put out of their misery (remember the TV spin off’s of “Time Cop”, “Uncle Buck”, “The [...]

Escape from Nim’s Island »

The new Snake Plissken doing Walden Adventure Pic Gerard Butler – yep, him again – will star opposite Jodie Foster and Abigail Breslin in Fox Walden adventure “Nim's Island”, says Variety. Butler will shoot this one before he begins work on the high-concept thriller “Game”. “Nim’s” revolves around a girl who lives on a tropical [...]


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