Clints Bits – 29/5

The last thing someone wants to read about is another one of these Superman contenders telling us why they "didn’t" take the role. I’m sure folks would rather be reading about someone that has "taken" the role. That ain’t happening too soon, so meanwhile read what one of the contenders says about giving the WB baby the big thumbs down.

  • you’ve heard it all before [if you’ve read our interview with him you have], but Paul Walker talked “Superman” again to The Herald Sun. “I didn’t wanna do it. It was overwhelming; my life would have been over”, Walker laughs. His response to the film’s 7 year commitment? “It probably would have been more like 10 years”. “And the Superman stigmata forever; you’ll never be bigger than Superman. I would have died Superman, and I didn’t want to. “I’d rather die as the guy in Fast and the Furious, you know what I mean?” “Who was that? Who’s Paul Walker?” “Do you remember Fast and the Furious? He was the guy in Fast and the Furious’. “’Oh Yeah!’” “I would rather that than : ‘Oh Superman, 60 years old, he’s got a heart condition, he’s in the hospital now, triple bypass!!”

  • Is “Austin Powers 4” as full-speed ahead as the rumour mill suggests? Not according to Susannah Hoffs, wife of “Austin Powers” director Jay Roach, who told The Herald Sun today : “They’ve done three, but I haven’t heard any talk of a new one yet, but never say never”.

  • Despite Eliza Dushku’s TV pilot being picked up, Nick Brendon’s pilot, “The Pool at Maddy Breakers” wasn’t – according to

  • LatinoReview have a couple of posters up for the upcoming “Looney Tunes: Back in Action”, which you can check out here

  • has announced a musical version of “Lord of the Rings” to hit the stage in 2005. Award-winning Matthew Warchus will direct. Thanks to Coming Soon

  • Coming Soon has more information on the upcoming “Alien” re-release. “I went to a private screening of the original film three weeks ago. The purpose of this was to see if there is still interest out there for the film and would it be successful as a re-release. I know for fact that the film will have an additional 12 minutes of never before seen footage that ended up on the cutting room floor”, says a scooper.

  • Hollywood North Report says Robin Willaims’ “Final Cut” is set to film June 10th thru to July 30th 2003 at Lions Gate Film Studios in North Vancouver. Meanwhile, Variety reports that Jim Caviezel has joined the cast.

  • 80’s legend Andrew McCarthy has been fired from a guest-starring role on TV’s “Law and Order : Criminal Intent” after getting into an argument with star, Vincent D’Ornofrio.

  • According to the Hollywood Reporter, Aussie actress Poppy Montgomery has joined the cast of the indie romantic comedy "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover", co-starring Paul Schneider, Jennifer Westfeldt, Tori Spelling and Fred Willard.

  • FilmJerk report on several secondary characters that’ll be present in the forthcoming “The Punisher”

  • According to a report on Aint it Cool, “Spider-Man 2” may be titled “Spiderman : Unmasked”.

  • The Arnold Fans have confirmed that “Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines” has received an R rating in the states.

  • According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bryce Dallas Howard, daughter of Oscar-winning director Ron Howard, has signed on to make her feature film debut with a starring role in director M. Night Shyamalan’s "The Woods". She’ll be playing the role originally touted for Kirsten Dunst.

  • We hear that there is a “catfight at CAA as Julia Roberts is signing with them while Sandra Bullock wants out of CAA because she’s pissed that Roberts is her direct competition”

  • Tom Wilkinson and Emily Watson will topline the British feature "A Way Through the Woods," which will mark the directorial debut of Oscar-winning screenwriter Julian Fellowes, says The Hollywood Reporter.

  • "Queens of Comedy" stars Mo’Nique and Sommore are in negotiations to join the cast of the Jessy Terrero-directed urban comedy "Soul Plane”, says The Hollywood Reporter.

  • Interview : Will Ferrell

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