Eliza didn't Dolittle for "Faith"

Don’t look down on Eliza “Faith” Dushku for rejecting the offer to star in her own “Buffy” spin-off series. Ok, so the final hope of seeing some of Sunnydale in its current form did pretty much lie with the pretty brunette and her readiness to headline the series – but it wasn’t merely a case of yay or nay, it seems. Put the stakes away now.

Dushku – on the promotional trail for her new horror film “Wrong Turn” – told the IGN FilmForce website. “The idea for the Faith spin-off just kind of came up in discussion because everyone really, I think, was feeling like this show’s going to end and there are all these fans who love it so much and who love these characters and so, if possible, how could we extend that? I just personally felt like… It would have been a really hard thing to do, and not that I wouldn’t have been up for a challenge, but with it coming on immediately following the show, I think that those would have been really big boots to fill”, she says.

Now admit it, who really expected a “Faith” series to happen and stay on the end as long as “Buffy” has – it’s high hopes isn’t it. Dushku seemed to know that.

“I think it would have been compared to Buffy. And just in terms of me, I’ve played that character on and off for five years now and I’ve changed a lot and while the character of Faith changed when I came back because I’ve changed, I felt like maybe it was time to… I mean, I love Faith. She’s my girl and she’s been really good to me, but I kind of just wanted to try something else. Purely that, because it had nothing to do with me not trusting Joss and his team of writers, who I just think are amazing. Tim Minear and Drew Goddard and Marti Noxon and all these people, they’re so talented and it had nothing to do with me doubting that they could make this show amazing, but I just… I don’t know, sometimes you have to go with your gut, and my gut was telling me that I maybe needed to try something else that was just different.”

Instead, Dushku will be headlining a new Fox TV series next season called “Tru Calling”.

“It’s about a girl who [is] given an opportunity almost to play God and she gets a job at this city morgue and her day repeats itself after she’s seen these bodies in the morgue. She goes back 24 hours before the people are deceased and has the chance to save them or not. And she won’t always be able to save them because she’s not a superhero, but it’s kind of this thing, like, "What if?" What if you could go back 24 hours and change fate, change destiny, change someone’s life? Sometimes she won’t be able to save people. And if she does save someone, then how does that affect other people? It’s an interesting idea to play around with.”

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