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Entourage reboot rumors continue to swirl

What would a revival look like though?

There’s been a lot of discussion over the past few months regarding HBO’s “Entourage”. Most of the chatter has been on whether the hit series would pass muster in the #metoo climate, but there’s also been talk about a possible revival – and what form that take would take.

According to Patreon scooper Daniel RPK, an “Entourage” ‘reboot’ is indeed in development.

As for the guts of what a reboot will entail? Would it follow the further adventures of Vinnie Chase (Adrian Grenier) and his troupe? Maybe it could be a spin-off on Dana Gordon (Constance Zimmer)? Heck, due time Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) got his own show– maybe transporting him to another city, even!? There’s a few folks out there who probably wouldn’t mind the idea of a Billy Walsh (Rhys Coiro)-centric reboot, myself included.

Doug Ellin, creator of the fantastically-entertaining series (and subsequent feature film spin-off), said recently that he’d never bring the show back without the original cast.

“If I did a reboot of Entourage, I would never do it it without those five guys, and then as many of the other people as I could back, from Perrey to Carla”, Ellin told Yahoo!, referring to Reeves and Gugino.

“We like to make jokes on the podcast about casting John Mayer as Vince if Adrian really didn’t want to do it, but those five guys are the way it would have to be. Of course it’s going to be written in a slightly kinder, gentler way because that’s the world we live in. But I’d love to catch up with these guys and see how Ari navigates the world. To be honest, I’d love to see how real the real Ari Emanuel goes into the office every day now, because I know about his fire and passion. Ari was a guy who would walk into the office and leave his mark, and I don’t know how he does that today.”

The decision to do a reboot likely lies with HBO who apparently, per Ellin, have shied away from “Entourage” after the movie flopped.

“Unfortunately, the movie didn’t work as well as some may have hoped, and you kind of move on. How much can you say about it?”

Maybe the cabler has changed their tune?

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