Baldwin, Swain, Lipnicki alight for Fireflies

“She Dreams Of Fireflies”, a noir action-thriller described as a cross between ‘Blue Ruin’, ‘Wild Things’ and ‘No Country For Old Men’, has landed William Baldwin, Dominique Swain, and Jonathan Lipnicki.

Director Bejamin Goalbre’s film fixes on a young deputy in the quiet California mountain town of Ducor who lives in the shadow of her deceased hero father. Troubled by a dark family secret, Reese struggles to open her heart up to Wes, the handsome deputy that wants to start a life with her. Lela, a mysterious stranger, comes to town and opens Reese up to a whole new way of facing her demons.The two women quickly develop a powerful connection rooted in vengeance.When Lela commits a murder and Reese helps her cover it up, things quickly spin out of control, forcing Reese to choose between the man she loves and her desire for revenge.

Joining the abovementioned trio in the film are Ryan Slater (“The Amazing Panda Adventure”), Wolfgang Bodison (“A Few Good Men”), Monique Rosario (“Drifter”), and Mary Wilson (the founder of ‘The Supremes’).

Producers are out to Peter Facinelli, John Slattery and Diane Krueger to also play roles.

The film, to shoot in Louisiana, is currently being shopped at Cannes by Phoenix Worldwide Entertainment.

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