G.I Joe’s ‘Chuckles’ headed to the big screen

It worked for "Bumblebee", so Paramount and Hasbro go with the spin-off route again here

It worked for “Transformers” spin-off “Bumblebee”, so no surprise really that Paramount and Hasbro are attempting to breathe new life into the sullen “G.I Joe” film franchise by spinning one of it’s trademark characters off into his own feature.

“Snake Eyes”, fixing on the character Ray Park put face to name on in the previous films (the “Star Wars” alum won’t be back for the new film though), was announced a while ago. And from what everything I’ve heard, it’s shaping up nicely – solid story points, smart producing committee, and they’re taking their time to get it right.

The marketing research team over at Melrose must be liking that feedback on the “Snake Eyes” proposal, they’ve already greased the wheels on another “G.I Joe” spin-off.

In this case, it’s an ensemble film that, from the sounds of it, will introduce to cinema audiences characters like ‘Chuckles’ who’ve yet to appear in any of the previous feature films based on the toy line.

The Hollywood Reporter, who had the scoop on the project, don’t have much on the script Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec, who wrote the recent “Ninja Turtles” movies as well as “Mission : Impossible – Ghost Protocol”, are scribbling only that Chuckles turns up on it. Early days though, says the trade, so even that could change.

Previous “G.I Joe” flick “G.I Joe : Retaliation” stank worse than a smelly offering in an overcrowded elevator so hopefully this one is handled with as much care as “Bumblebee” was.

Look, Spin-offs don’t always work (look at those unfortunate numbers Sony did on “Men in Black : International”; the studio are apparently more convinced than ever now that a “MIB” movie would only work if they entice Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones back into the fold, so they’re now on the mission to make that happen*) but if they’re a significant improvement over whatever came before, offer something fresh and ‘different to the parenting predecessor (like “Bumblebee”) and it’s more about class over cash, then they can be just what the studio beanpole counter ordered.

* Over email, chatted to one of the supporting players involved in the original who essentially confirmed the aforesaid rumor, saying they are aware Sony do want to get the original band back together but they presume they’ll let the franchise rest for a bit first.

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