How many times can you Kill the one guy?

Checking it out Friday, and really looking forward to it. And from the sounds of it, “Kill Bill : Volume 1” and “Kill Bill : Volume 2” won’t be the last time we’ll be seeing samurai-sword wielding Uma Thurman. According to a scooper for Aint it Cool News, Quentin Tarantino might already have plans for a sequel and prequel.

Says the scooper, “I picked up the new issue of "Newtype," this slick rag that focuses on Japanese anime and pop culture yet to hit our side of the Pacific. This month’s issue features an interview with David Carradine talking about how he digs samurai sword fighting and such. The juicy shit goes as follows: "Bill wouldn’t be in the sequels," Carradine says. "The original concept calls for two sequels, but they’re going to be shot quite a bit apart. The children of some of the characters in this picture will become the stars of the subsequent movies, but there are also plans for a prequel that would be animated. It would be done with anime, as far as I know. That would take you back and give some of [The Bride’s] backstory." "As far as the prequel cartoon and, to a lesser extent, the sequels, these are visions that Tarantino has…"

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