Is Independence Day 3 still a possibility?

With the film hitting the home entertainment market this week, Fox have wheeled out “Independence Day : Resurgence” helmer Roland Emmerich to do some extra press for the film. With the Liam Hemsworth-starring sequel not generating anywhere near the cash that the original 1996 film did, it’s probably not a bad idea – most would seem to need a reminder that an “Independence Day” sequel came out this year, let alone exists.

Having said that, originally Emmerich planned on doing two new “Independence Day” sequels – but fortunately decided to take the less braver route of doing just one – which begs the question : Will there ever be a third one now that the most recent instalment didn’t do some great?

Maybe. Speaking to Coming Soon, Emmerich said he meets with the studio next week to discuss the future of the franchise. Reading between the lines, it would seem the director – whose other credits include “Stargate” and “2012” – is open to doing a third chapter as either a feature film or TV series.

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