Michelle Williams needs a lobotomy!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Dawson’s Creek" star Michelle Williams is set to star in the indie comedy A Hole in One for writer-director Richard Leeds.Set in the early 1950s, the privately financed "Hole" centers on a young woman named Anna (Williams), who is convinced that she needs a lobotomy, a common surgical procedure to treat depression during that time. Anna meets a doctor who will perform the surgery; at the same time, she is trying to get out of a relationship with her abusive boyfriend, Billy (Meat Loaf), who is trying to convince her not to have the surgery. Billy coerces his friend, a Korean War veteran, into posing as a doctor, only to see the two of them fall in love. Tim Guinee, Louis Zorich, John Tremblay, Robb Wells and Jonathan Watton round out the cast.

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