More TV Renewals & Pick-ups!

Some early renewals and picks-ups announced this morning for tube-land… (what no “Knight Rider”? – ha!)

Scrubs (ABC)

Yep, it’ll be back. The show’s ninth-season has been scheduled for a mid-season bow. As previously mooted, Zach Braff (whether he likes it or not) will return for half-a-dozen episodes or so. Thing is, does anyone care for another season? Didn’t last week’s season/series finale end perfectly fine? (I know Weeksy thought so).

I suspect this ninth season is going to play a lot like the Charlie Sheen-led “Spin City” (also created by Bill Lawrence), which, as you’ll recall, wasn’t half as funny, or as enjoyable, as the Michael J.Fox (not to mention Connie Britton, Alexander Chaplin et al) version. “Spin City” should’ve ended when Mike left; I’m sure many feel the same about “Scrubs” – that it should’ve been the definitive end when J.D exited the hospital at the end of last week’s ender.

Cougar Land (ABC)

The new Courteney Cox show, which has been gathering a lot of steam over the past few weeks, has, not surprisingly, been picked up. Cox, here playing a newly single mom with a 17-year-old son, was last in the cable laffer “Dirt” – which I, quite frankly, thought about as entertaining as watching grass grow; hopefully this isn’t all hype.


The reboot of the classic 80s series has been picked up… but only for six episodes (at the moment). Despite the terrific cast onboard the thing, I’ve heard the pilot script is a tad weak, and that could be the reason why Fox were hesitant to add it to the family  -in fact, I’m pretty sure it was. (If it is cancelled, Elizabeth Mitchell can always return to “Lost”). Gotta say though, despite what I’ve heard, I’m really looking forward to this show – it sounds like a bit of fun; love the cast (Mitchell, Morena Baccarin, Scott Wolf, Alan Tudyk) too! Nothing like a bit of nostalgia either.

Castle (ABC)

Nathan Fillion must be celebrating! The captain of many canceled television shows will have heard his series, “Castle”, has been picked up for a 2nd season. All salute tightpants! (Only seen the pilot for the series so far, and enjoyed that).

Dollhouse (FOX)

Joss Whedon’s probably over at Fillion’s pad doing shots as we speak – as his show has also been picked up (rather unexpectedly, considering the Nielsen ratings) for a second season. It’s a good night for Browncoats. Thanks to a built-in fan-base, Whedon and star Eliza Dushku’s “Dollhouse” has snagged a 13-episode order for a second run; it’ll likely remain on Friday nights. Hopefully Whedon can rope some more ex-“Buffy” players into guesting….

Better Off Ted (ABC)

The alphabet has handed the series a second season, too. Haven’t seen the show, so I’ll reserve judgment.

The Forgotten (ABC)

Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, this new procedural drama – combining the victims’ flashbacks with the team’s emotional drive to bring them justice – has been picked up. Former “24” star Reiko Aylesworth is among the cast. Wait, isn’t this just “Cold Case” repackaged!?

Awesome Hank (ABC)

Kelsey Grammer’s latest sitcom, this one about a Wall Street executive who loses his job and reconnects with his small-town family, has been picked up. Somehow I don’t think Grammer’s ever going to top “Frasier” (and therefore, “Cheers”), you?  But good to see he’s still out there giving it a good shot. This also sounds a bit different for KG. May work. May.

The Middle (ABC)

Grammer’s “Back to You” co-star Patricia Heaton’s new series has also been picked up. This one, starring Heaton as the matriarch of a middle-class Midwestern family, was actually developed as a vehicle for Ricki Lake back in 2006. Sounds OK… in a “Reba” sorta way.

Brothers (FOX)

13-episode order for the new Carl Weathers/Daryl ‘Chilli’Mitchell/Colton Dunn/CCH Pounder sitcom. I don’t much care what it’s about, I’ll be simply tuning in to see Apollo Creed crack funnies!

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