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Prequels actor returning for Kenobi series


Prequels actor returning for Kenobi series

Prequels actor returning for Kenobi series

Seems the Disney+ series will have a pretty big link to George Lucas’s most recent trilogy

Aussie actor Joel Edgerton, a versatile thesp who cut his teeth on the small-screen before moving onto bigger feature fare like “Animal Kingdom” and “The Thing”, looks to return to TV.

According to an oft-reliable onliner, Edgerton will be reprising her role as Owen Lars – from the “Star Wars” prequels – for the upcoming Ewan McGregor-starring Old Ben series.

MTV’s Josh Horowitz posted a tweet saying: “Caught up with Joel Edgerton today. I have almost no doubt based on his coy evasiveness that he will be in the Obi Wan Disney+ series. I’ve seen many an actor playfully evade. I’m placing a big bet that Owen will be back.”

Edgerton can soon be seen in “The King”, which opens next week.

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