Rob Zombie’s Munsters will star Jorge Garcia, Richard Brake, Daniel Roebuck & more!

There’s a new “Addams Family” on the way, so no surprise Hollywood’s a prepping rival fright fam “The Munsters” for a reprise too.

According to Murphys Multiverse, Rob Zombie (!) will bring Herman and clan back to the silver screen this time in the form of a big screen venture.

Wife and Zombie-film staple Sheri Moon Zombie will play Lily Munster while Jeff Daniel Phillips (“3 From Hell”) is Herman. Also onboard the film are “Lost” actors Daniel Roebuck and Jorge Garcia, as well as Richard Brake (“Tremors : Shrieker Island”) and Cassandra Peterson (“Elvira, Mistress of the Dark”).

Sheri Moon Zombie

As odd a choice as the “House of 1000 Corpses” filmmaker might be to tackle a feature adaptation of a classic comedy, It’s rather well-known that Zombie is a die-hard fan of the original. He also covered the show’s theme at one stage and even references the show in his song “Draqula”.

Stay tuned for an official announcement…

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