Three Men and a Baby get second sequel

A few years back Steve Guttenberg told me that a second sequel to ”Three Men and a Baby” (and an eighth “Police Academy” for that matter) was almost a certainty.

“They’ve actually got the third film over in France at the moment, so I’m confident that we will be doing a Three Men and a Baby 3 here soon, too. I haven’t heard of anything yet – but when we do, it will be tremendous,” Guttenberg told me.

The first film was based on a French movie, and that had since spawned a second sequel (though it didn’t do too well I hear) so why wouldn’t Hollywood jump at the chance to exploit someone else’s hard work and extend the VP’s Malibu mansion as a result?

Five years later – or thereabouts – the movie Guttenberg said would happen ‘soon’ may indeed be coming to fruition (and yes, that’s the joyous screams of Steve Guttenberg you’re hearing!).

Guttenberg, whose currently doing pantomimes in the UK, tells Digital Spy that “Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and I are looking to make another Three Men And A Baby movie. It’s called Three Men And A Bride. The script is pretty much written and we are really keen to get that made. We’re very hopeful.”

It sounds like a no-brainer that Disney would want to jump on this, but bare in mind Selleck, Guttenberg and Danson aren’t actually the names they were in 1987 either.

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