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Sunday, January 22, 2017


Exclusive : Sam downplays Nemo

"Terminator" star not confident he'll get "Leagues" gig

Exclusive : No ‘Paws’ for fourth Scooby

Might Mystery Inc take on 'The Lake Monster' next?

Exclusive : Priest Casting Call

The Paul Bettany-starring vampire thriller

Exclusive : White wants Luke Cage

"Cabin in the Woods" star holding out for a hero!

Exclusive : Billing joins Narnia

"Underbelly" star to play Chief Dufflepud in new movie

Exclusive : Peterson’s Paprika?

"Poseidon" director adaptating anime

Exclusive : Nichols wants more Sex

"GI Joe" star wants "Sex and the City 2" cameo

Exclusive : Gamer villain talks!

Jonathan Chase also talks "All About Steve"

Exclusive : Gidget with Efron, Snow?

Young hotties approached for Miley Cyrus-starring reboot

Exclusive : Seagal IS considering Machete

Actor's reps say "Under Siege" star may do "Grindhouse" spin-off

Exclusive : Producer on Teratoma

"Midnight Meat Train" director doing new Neo Art & Logic Pic

Exclusive : Latest on Dibbuk Box

Ghost House Pictures currently looking for a director

Exclusive : Raimi talks Jack Ryan

“I was chasing [that gig] because I love that character so much"

Exclusive : More Spy Kids?

Early plans for a fourth installment in the smash-hit family series?

Exclusive : Another Iron Man 2 cameo

Another American icon-of-sorts pops up in Paramount's sequel

Noyce talks Salt

Filmmaker on the Angelina Jolie actioner plus his upcoming projects

Exclusive : Weaving not on Hobbit yet

''I haven’t actually talked to anyone about it'' the actor tells Moviehole

Exclusive : Teen Wolf Howls Again?

Warner Bros in early development on a reboot of the 1985 hit

Exclusive : Neumeier on RoboCop redo

Hopes they ''don't make a mess of it like they managed to with RoboCop 2 and 3''

Exclusive : Lussier on fourth Dracula

"Valentine" director discusses his idea for a third "Dracula 2000" sequel

Exclusive : Hatch on Galactica movie

Surreptitiously hoping those involved look to J.J Abrams' "Star Trek" for inspiration.

Exclusive : Update on Phantom Legacy

Screenwriter talks casting rumours, filming locale, script..

Exclusive : Where’s the Porky’s redo?

The credit market put the brakes on Howard Stern's long-gestating remake

Exclusive : Expendables Under Siege

Why Steven Seagal didn't accept Sylvester Stallone's offer

Exclusive : Cop 4 writer talks!

Derek Haas with an update on "Beverly" and "Wanted" sequels

Exclusive : Arnie asked back for Predators

Rodriguez's camp are waiting on Schwarzenegger's response

Exclusive : Barbarella lives!?

Rodriguez may be off but Universal and DeLaurentiis are still pursuing project

Exclusive : Fogler on What’s Ahead

"Fanboys" star on "Wolfman Jack", "Spanky Johnson : Monster Hunter", and more..

Exclusive : Faris on Scary Movie 5

Faris and Regina Hall ready to bring back Cindy and Brenda!

Exclusive : Fanboys comic strip!

A funny doodle to tie-in with the release of Kyle Newman's fab flick!



Teaser Trailer: House of Cards Season 5 premiere date revealed!

In a rather timely announcement, Netflix has revealed a teaser for the fifth season of political drama "House of Cards", which will debut on...