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Thursday, February 23, 2017


Exclusive : Sam downplays Nemo

"Terminator" star not confident he'll get "Leagues" gig

Exclusive : No ‘Paws’ for fourth Scooby

Might Mystery Inc take on 'The Lake Monster' next?

Exclusive : Priest Casting Call

The Paul Bettany-starring vampire thriller

Exclusive : White wants Luke Cage

"Cabin in the Woods" star holding out for a hero!

Exclusive : Billing joins Narnia

"Underbelly" star to play Chief Dufflepud in new movie

Exclusive : Peterson’s Paprika?

"Poseidon" director adaptating anime

Exclusive : Nichols wants more Sex

"GI Joe" star wants "Sex and the City 2" cameo

Exclusive : Gamer villain talks!

Jonathan Chase also talks "All About Steve"

Exclusive : Gidget with Efron, Snow?

Young hotties approached for Miley Cyrus-starring reboot

Exclusive : Seagal IS considering Machete

Actor's reps say "Under Siege" star may do "Grindhouse" spin-off

Exclusive : Producer on Teratoma

"Midnight Meat Train" director doing new Neo Art & Logic Pic

Exclusive : Latest on Dibbuk Box

Ghost House Pictures currently looking for a director

Exclusive : Raimi talks Jack Ryan

“I was chasing [that gig] because I love that character so much"

Exclusive : More Spy Kids?

Early plans for a fourth installment in the smash-hit family series?

Exclusive : Another Iron Man 2 cameo

Another American icon-of-sorts pops up in Paramount's sequel

Noyce talks Salt

Filmmaker on the Angelina Jolie actioner plus his upcoming projects

Exclusive : Weaving not on Hobbit yet

''I haven’t actually talked to anyone about it'' the actor tells Moviehole

Exclusive : Teen Wolf Howls Again?

Warner Bros in early development on a reboot of the 1985 hit

Exclusive : Neumeier on RoboCop redo

Hopes they ''don't make a mess of it like they managed to with RoboCop 2 and 3''

Exclusive : Lussier on fourth Dracula

"Valentine" director discusses his idea for a third "Dracula 2000" sequel

Exclusive : Hatch on Galactica movie

Surreptitiously hoping those involved look to J.J Abrams' "Star Trek" for inspiration.

Exclusive : Update on Phantom Legacy

Screenwriter talks casting rumours, filming locale, script..

Exclusive : Where’s the Porky’s redo?

The credit market put the brakes on Howard Stern's long-gestating remake

Exclusive : Expendables Under Siege

Why Steven Seagal didn't accept Sylvester Stallone's offer

Exclusive : Cop 4 writer talks!

Derek Haas with an update on "Beverly" and "Wanted" sequels

Exclusive : Arnie asked back for Predators

Rodriguez's camp are waiting on Schwarzenegger's response

Exclusive : Barbarella lives!?

Rodriguez may be off but Universal and DeLaurentiis are still pursuing project

Exclusive : Fogler on What’s Ahead

"Fanboys" star on "Wolfman Jack", "Spanky Johnson : Monster Hunter", and more..

Exclusive : Faris on Scary Movie 5

Faris and Regina Hall ready to bring back Cindy and Brenda!

Exclusive : Fanboys comic strip!

A funny doodle to tie-in with the release of Kyle Newman's fab flick!


Washington responds to Marvel role rumour

"Scandal" actress Kerry Washington has responded to rumours that she's up for the role of Deadpool's sidekick Domino in the highly-anticipated sequel to the...