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"Faster", "Georgia", AFI Nominees, "Hellraiser 3D"

"The Plan" sells 5 million copies? there's more!

The star of "Cougar Town" and "The Final Destination"

January Jones joining Donaldson's "Hungry Rabbit Jumps"

"Mission : Impossible II" duo reunite on WWII movie

"Terminator 3" star in Fox's direct-to-DVD sequel

Troy Duffy's highly-anticipated sequel to the 1999 pic

P.J Pesce-directed sequel hits U.S stores in January

"Paul Blart" director tackling "Short Circuit" remake

''It has tension and humor'', says the film's publicist

Lung and Lawson join Perlman for "Crave"

"Mute" will again feature Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell

"Office" star in new Golf comedy from ESPN journo

Joining Jeff Bridges in the Coen's remake

Full character breakdowns for the Marcus Nispel reboot

The series was recently dropped by NBC

"This It It" director walks over creative differences

Might Davey Jones be back for "At Stranger Tides"?

Might The Lizard finally be making an appearance?

Pre-Productions begins next week; Worthington as Max?

First official picture from Joe Carnahan's film

"Tropic Thunder" writer to produce comedy

MRC snaps up "District 9" director's next

Simpson-Wentz, Egglesfield out; Campbell in

At the Viceroy in Santa Monica to play with Toys

"Star Trek" star as the new Road Warrior?

"Bridget Jones 3", new "Star Wars" movies, "Glee" DVD, "New Moon"

Marc Guggenheim hands over gig to David Goyer

Also talks about Rachelle Lefevre being replaced

DiCaprio also in talks for new Ridley Scott film


Vanessa Marano, Jared Padalecki and David Sutcliffe have been added to the ever-growing list of past "Gilmore Girls" cast members set to return for Netflix's revival. Marano will...