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Movie News

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Michael Sheen rumoured for classic Bond villain role in Bond 23

Frank Marshall says it's a "long-shot", most likely won't come to fruition

"Friday Night Lights" star onboard remake of classic John Milius thriller

Australia's Phil Noyce to direct "Lakeview Terrace" star in Indy Police Thriller

Kinnear and Kelly Preston join Miley Cyrus in "The Last Song"

Oscar Winner taking a year off, exits two studio pictures

Former Beatles' kids book turned into Shaye & Lynne produced film

Paramount prepping sequel to Nick Giannopoulos's smash "The Wog Boy"

Natalie Portman to star in supernatural Ballet thriller?

Curtis and more aboard new Kristen Bell comedy, "You Again"

Moviehole Attends the 37th AFI Life Achievement Award Ceremony

''I've had enough of this Nancy Drew horse-shit from you''

Alien-Invasion series in development, Wyle may star

King of the Cowboy's to ride again in all-new film trilogy!

And might the next "Friday the 13th" movie be in 3-D?

"Friday Night Lights" star to play lead in Disney's "John Carter of Mars"

"Frost/Nixon" scribe boards follow-up to "Quantum of Solace"

Director of "Doomsday" and "The Descent" on FOX reboot?

"Everybody Loves Chris" actor dies, "The Hangover 2", "Earl", "Tara", "Hobbit"

Marcus Nispel to direct NuImage/Millennium's remake of "Barbarian"

And the "Spider-Man" musical, in which she plays Mary Jane Watson

"Pelham 123" director says the new film will be set in Los Angeles

A brand-new scene from the Washington/Travolta thriller

"MI :3" helmer only producing the next installment at this stage

Bond 23, "Ghosts/Aliens", "Furry Vengeance", "Chief Ron", "Gilmore Girls" movie, "Stargate" DVD

"Trick or Treat" redo?, Murphy as Riddler?, Fox as Buffy?, Big Show's movie debt

Hopes they ''don't make a mess of it like they managed to with RoboCop 2 and 3''

"Valentine" director discusses his idea for a third "Dracula 2000" sequel

Comedy Central picks up the series, six years after Fox canned it

Plays Ivan Vanko, a Russian who constructs his own version of the IM suit


The "Prometheus" sequel is a lock to film in Sydney. Ridley Scott was on hand today at a press conference to announce that "Alien...

To celebrate the release of SUCKER, we are giving lucky readers the chance to win tickets to the special Q&A screenings taking place in...

In addition to their report on a possible "Supergirl"/"The Flash" crossover being in the works, Bleeding Cool says The CW may be bringing Matt...

Though they're on different networks - The CW and CBS, respectively - might The Flash and Supergirl crossover into each others TV worlds, anyway? Bleeding...

A new trailer for "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies", courtesy Lionsgate UK, has been released. Jane Austen's classic tale of the tangled relationships between lovers...