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‘W’ joins the Men in Black? »

Is Tommy Lee Jones sitting sequel two out?

Valmont vs. Spider-Man!? »

John Malkovich and Anne Hathaway in “Spider-Man 4″

Henriksen back in Alien fold »

Played Bishop in “Aliens” and “Alien 3″

A Nicer, Gentler Marine »

John Cena starring in a PG-rated family drama?

Hobbit back on Ice
8 Dec

Hobbit back on Ice »

Wood and Williams reprising roles in “Happy Feet 2″

Lois in Translation »

Kate Bosworth heading to Tokyo

DeadpoolLand »

“Zombieland” creators penning “Wolverine” spin-off?

Clint’s Bits – 9/12/09 »

“Avatar” song, “Black Swan” Pics, “Thor” cameo

Dallas back on TV »

Larry Hagman may even be back as J.R!

Brad Pitt’s Raising the Dead »

Teaming with Summit Entertainment for “Vlad”

McG thinks he’ll be back »

The latest on “Terminator 5″ and “Terminator 6″

James T.Kirk heads to Wall Street »

Mace Neufeld on the next Ryan Pic

Clint’s Bits – 5/12/09 »

Damon off “Bourne 4″, “T5″, Chris Lilley’s latest

Take Taylor Lautner Home!
4 Dec

Take Taylor Lautner Home! »

“New Moon” star about to become a toy!

Let’s Hug it Out Big Screen! »

Wahlberg announces “Entourage : The Movie”

New Harry Potter Pic »

A 2nd Pic from “Deathly Hallows Part 1″ thanks to WB

Depp is Pancho Villa »

Jack Sparrow, the Revolutionary Hero?

Di Caprio can be quite Cold »

Making his animated feature film debut

Bridges talks Tron Legacy »

”I can’t wait to see it all pasted together”

Jacobson’s latest online »

“Charlie & Boots” star as a WWII pilot

Karate Kid Images »

Sony has provided us with high-res snaps

Caffeinated Clint : Pre-Net Buzz
2 Dec

Caffeinated Clint : Pre-Net Buzz »

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