5 memorable moments from E-Street

With the soapy-sudsy but highly-addictive ’90s guilty pleasure “E-Street” hitting DVD this month in an incredible 25-DVD set, we thought we’d take a trip down memory and revisit 5 of the show’s most memorable moments.

Wake up Ernie!
Remember when Patchetts Pacific blew up and the fates of Ernie and Bonnie hung in the balance!?

Wheels and Sheridan surrender
E-Street’s resident Bonnie & Clyde throw their hands in the air. So much for all that excitement..

Bob dies (sniff…)
Kindly rev. Bob Brown passes – and Eden Street would never be the same. Cue an even more-miserable Jack.

C.J gets his sight back!
After losing both a lottery ticket and his sight at the same time, C.J (Adrian Lee) was finally cut a break when his vision miraculously came back on his wedding day!

Mr Bad!
Oh, who can forget Sheridan’s nightmarish-stalker Mr Bad, played by Philip Martin? It was the storyline that had Australia hooked for weeks…

“E-Street : Collection 1” is now available from Via Vision.

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