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Back to the Bellboy! Crispin Glover joining De Niro in Motel

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Back to the Bellboy! Crispin Glover joining De Niro in Motel

Glover and “BTTF” co-star Michael J.Fox also about to tour Australia in July and August

Been a big week for “Back to the Future” alum.

Well, firstly, the film itself is celebrating its 27th birthday since first making-out with the red curtains and popcorn-doused aisles of the multiplex.

And Aussies are waiting anxiously the arrivals of both Crispin Glover and Michael J.Fox, both of whom set sail for our shores in July and August, respectively, for their one-man shows.
You can find details on Glover’s unique offering here, and also learn about and buy tickets for the must-see Fox night (in Melbourne) here.

And just now, the trades ran some ink on an item pegging Glover as one of the stars of the new indy flick “Motel”. The legendary actor joins Robert De Niro, John Cusack, Dominic Purcell, Sticky Fingaz, and Martin Klebba for the prod, directed by David Grovic.

The Hollywood Reporter has the juice :

Motel is described as a taut crime thriller centering on a hit man (Cusack) hired by an infamous crime boss (De Niro). To complete the job, the man must fight his way through a cast of other shadowy characters who also have been summoned by the mobster to a decrepit backwater motel in the Delta bayous. When the man crosses back with a mysterious woman, they partner up to escape from the crime boss’ clutches and survive a night of murderous havoc.

Cusack as a hit man? De Niro as a crime boss? Now that’s unique! Here’s hoping Grovic’s had the balls to cast Glover in something different for him too, maybe an oddball eccentric with a twitch!?

“Motel” is now in production. Will let you seat-mongers know when there are vacancies.

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