Bruce Willis just signed up for more of the same

Another day… another dreary bit of Bruce Willis news.

As we celebrate the bi-annual re-release of one of the action great’s best flicks, the trades report that the Die Hard star’s hourly-rate has been met yet again by the Emmett/Furla/Oasis crowd. Sigh. Now these are the cats that seduced the once interesting thesp (who gave us such showy, memorable turns in “Unbreakable”, “Pulp Fiction”, “The Fifth Element” and a bunch of other things produced while most of you were in diapers) into doing the OK cop flick “16 Blocks” for them a few years ago but since then have just assigned him a bunch of forgettable direct-to-DVD rubbish like “The Prince”, “First Kill” and “Vice”.  He’s done 14 all up for them!

here’s a squiz at a few..

According to Deadline, Willis has made a three-picture deal with MoviePass Films. MoviePass Films CEOs and Co-founders Randall Emmett, George Furla, and Ted Farnsworth set the deal.

The first in the new three-pic pact will be Trauma Center, written by Paul da Silva. It will begin shooting in February in Miami. Additional casting is underway on the film. Emmett, Furla and Lydia Hull will produce Trauma Center, while Ted Farnsworth, Tim Sullivan and Alex Eckert will executive produce.

Willis is about to star in the “Unbreakable” and “Split” crossover flick, “Glass” (out in January) and by all accounts, it’ll be one of the better films the former “Moonlight” fave has done in years. So why then rush into making a deal with the direct-to-disc crowd, doing a bunch more movies that won’t progress the career, but only stall it (again)? It makes little sense. But then, I’ve never owned a yacht. Nor a condo. And I guess I buy the cheap soup.

A number of other heavyweights have done Emmett/Furla/Oasis flicks in recent years – including Stallone, Pacino, DeNiro, Cage and Cusack – and I can only imagine a big-o-bag-of-money did the trick for them, too. Sad to see so many of these major talents having to slum it in quick cash-grabs, isn’t it!?

As for Willis, the next stop’s bound to be a “Moonlighting” reboot, yeah?  It may be that time, man.

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