Is TVs Southland on the way out?

is TNT’s gritty, grossly-entertaining “Southland” doomed?

I hate to say it, being a fan of the terrifically-written boys-in-blue show myself, but it would seem so.

When a show’s actors start looking for work elsewhere it’s a clear sign they fear unemployment is on the horizon.

Though he’d be required to fulfil his obligation to the cop series should it be picked up for a fifth season, “Southland” star Ben McKenzie has signed to star in a new show for CBS.
The show “The Advocates” would star McKenzie and Britt Morgan as an odd couple ex-con/lawyer duo who go above and beyond to help the underdog. The pilot would be directed by “Smallville” alum David Nutter.

“Southland”, which has only recently returned with its season 5 episodes, has had an interesting life. A critical darling it originally aired on, but was yanked due to poor ratings. Seeing potential, TNT picked up the series, and it’s done reasonably well for the network. The ratings numbers aren’t anything to put in bold but they have been fairly decent (and this week saw an increase in viewers from last week’s season premiere episode).

THR’s news that McKenzie has committed to a new series would suggest that a sixth season is far from set in stone. Granted, the actor, who got his break on The CW’s “The OC”, could just be covering his ass by guaranteeing himself some work this year, and rightly so, if the show gets the chop, but there’s obviously a reason he’s felt the need to look elsewhere, too – – must be a grey cloud hanging over the show.

TNT has yet to officially declare “Southland” a goner. Watch this space.

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