Make Hummus Not War

Food for thought?

Indeed. Whereas most films set in the middle east these days sport flashy clips of Black Hawk helicopters, soldiers being sprayed between the twirling sand storms, or depictions of madman dictators, director Trevor Graham’s “Make Hummus not War” fixes on a far less violent – but no more combative – angle of middle eastern life.

Hummus, the chick pea delicacy known and made around the world, has its roots in. But who makes it the best? Who harbours the most treasured recipe? And predominantly, who deserves the credit for the tasty dish?

Director travels the hummus bars around the world, tasting – and talking to those behind – the dishes, to find out whose able to most get his lips moisture deep.

Nobody will be silenced and not a soul will be harmed in this relatively unheard-of battle, but to say its still not a fierce battle would be a lie.
This installment of the hunger games definitely leaves only a few fist-thumping the air.

A fun, unique and refreshing documentary about a topic that’s relatively raw when it comes to documentaries.

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