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The Batman : Affleck out, O’Connell in!?

A new rumor suggest Affleck might be passing the part to another actor

With long-gestating DC super-standalone “The Batman” starting back up, inching towards a January start I hear, expect the casting rumours to start kicking in – whether they’re in relation to the lead role of the Caped Crusader himself or the key support roles.

While nobody’s yakking in regards to a-fresh-from-rehab Ben Affleck still being onboard the movie (he’s been on and off the film more times than a cigarette burn), a new rumour suggests Warner Bros might have began the search for a replacement.

According to That Hashtag Show, “Unbroken” star Jack O’Connell may have met with the studio – and even Affleck, who would remain onboard the film as a producer – about getting about in a codpiece. Whether that be for the lead role or the Boy Wonder part, who knows? Money’s on Batman, if you ask me (I know, I know… I’d prefer Jon Hamm got the gig, too – but let’s be honest, WB are going to want a younger leading man, someone they can utilize over the course of a bunch of films).

Here’s the scoop from That Hashtag Show :

This is hardly the first time that we’ve heard that Affleck has been replaced and, to be honest, there are a lot of other explanations as to why an actor in his late 20s might be meeting with Affleck about The Batman. Perhaps they are searching for someone to fill the role of Dick Grayson,Tim Drake or any number of Bat-family members and they’d like to see what chemistry, if any, exists between Affleck and the actor.

Now comes the stretch…the part of this rumor that I’ve been trying to confirm since Friday and that I, myself, am having a hard time buying, and why this is only being reported as a rumor. I was given a name, not as someone who had absolutely been cast for this role, but someone that Warner Bros. had expressed interest in and that may have been present for either the recent meeting with Affleck or have met with WB very recently. Since being given the name I’ve reached out to his reps and received no response, so at this point we’ve decided to share the name with you, from one group of fans to another, knowing that it’s a rumor that we haven’t been able to substantiate and one that doesn’t seem to fit. However, as one of my colleagues said, Daniel Craig didn’t make sense as James Bond until you saw him. The name we were given as a potential replacement (or potential Bat-family member) was Jack O’Connell.

Last month, Revenge of the Fans mentioned O’Connell’s name in relation to the Bat-role, too, so the whisper seems to carry weight.

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