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A Time for Mercy series in the works with Matthew McConaughey

A TIME TO KILL, Matthew McConaughey, 1996

Matthew McConaughey is set to reprise his role from “A Time to Kill” in a sequel series “A Time for Mercy”, based on the John Grisham novel of the same name. The series is in development at HBO.

The 2020 book is a followup to Grisham’s books “A Time to Kill” and “Sycamore Row,” all of which centre on the character of attorney Jake Brigance. McConaughey previously starred as Brigance in the film adaptation of “A Time to Kill” in 1996. He starred alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Sandra Bullock.

Per Variety, in “A Time to Kill,” Brigance defends a Black man (Jackson) who killed the two white men who savagely raped his daughter. In “A Time for Mercy,” Brigance must defend a young man who killed his mother’s boyfriend, a deputy sheriff, with the boy claiming the man was abusive towards his mother, himself, and his little sister.

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