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Michael Dorn reprising Worf! (sounds like it’s for a commercial)

Michael Dorn tells Twitterers he’s a lock to reprise Worf… for something.

Our friend Scott Collura tells us the actor isn’t donning the make-up for “Picard”, or one of the other new live-action Paramount+ “Trek” offerings, so what’s the go here? Possibilities include a “Worf” spin-off series, which the actor has been championing for a while (though I’d suspect Paramount+ would be involved in such a venture), the recently-announced “Star Trek” feature film hitting theaters in 2023, maybe a video game or audio book offering? Considering Dorn uses the hashtag #ad at the end of his post, and ‘ad’ is usually used to abbreviate “advertisement”, it’s highly possible he’s reprising the role for a commercial.

Hopefully someone logs on soon and tells us.

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