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TV series with Timberlake as Chuck Barris? Yup, this could work!

Now this could be cool.

They’re doing Chuck Barris’s story again for TV – only with Justin Timberlake stepping in for Sam Rockwell. As we’ve seen in “Social Network” and “Palmer”, the musician cum actor has the same kind of slick, cool presence – for lack of a better summation of their skills – as Rocks. And being a TV series this time around, there’s lots they’ll be able to pack in from Barris’s life that was excised from the George Clooney movie.

AppleTV+ are doing the new “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”, co-producing with Miramax and Paramount Television Studios, with David Hollander and John Worley as showrunners. Guessing the series will release all at once, though a weekly catch-up with the CIA agent/Game Show Host could also be on the cards considering how much success Disney+ are having with that model.

Via ‘Deadline

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