About a PTSD-suffering soldier who must keep calm long enough to save the girl he's just met

The film tells of a family who have been scarred by tragedy years earlier

Diane Keaton, Amanda Seyfried, Alan Arkin and Annette Bening attached to film

Owen Wilson still attached to co-star in the Jared Hess directed film

The flick fixes again on a famous writer whose books are inspired by the "darkest forums dedicated to violence"

A ruthless masked man hunts down seven friends and a backpacker at a ski lodge

Sir Ben Kingsley, Sir Peter O'Toole and Julia Ormond also star

The former "1600 Penn" star joins Ed Harris, Ethan Hawke, Penn Badgley, Milla Jovovich, Anton Yelchin, John Leguizamo, Delroy Lindo and future '50 Shades of Grey' star Dakota Johnson

Don't click through if you want to go into the film fresh

A Richard Taylor script about a man, having a bad day, who finds a duffel bag of money and cocaine

New details on "Point Break Indo", the once-proposed sequel to the 1991 action classic

Victor Webster joined by greats young and old in "The Lost Throne"

Mandy caught up with Cavill in Sydney this week and asked him about the likelihood of a Superman vs. Lex bout next time out.

Mandy Griffiths caught up with the "Man of Steel" director in Sydney this week

Charles Martin Smith, the "American Graffiti" alum who directed the 2011 original, is currently polishing the script

Producer Sam Raimi borrows some of the elements from his "Evil Dead" remake

New projects for the likes of Billy Bob Thornton, Halle Berry, Luke Evans, Liev Schreiber, Danny Glover and Rebecca Romijn

Tyrese might reprise Epps for Michael Bay sequel

Will tell of a reality TV show that's renowned for pushing it's contestants to the max

Ving Rhames joining "Expendables" star in "Universal Soldier"-like actioner

"Little Miss Sunshine" star joins Mark Young's crime thriller, co-starring James Purefoy and Sean Bean

“I think we’re talking about early next year, starting that" says Sam J.Jones

He was the bane of Cory's (Ben Savage) existence throughout most of Season 2

Taking a cue from the first act of "Beverly Hills Cop"

At present, producers are on the hunt for young actors to play Lauren's kids, Brendan & Tyler, and also Ginger, an Asian trophy wife.

Moviehole has been provided with an exclusive clip from Sacha Gervasi's "Hitchcock"

Luke Goss stars as a marine, equipped with the kind of secret government information that the authorities and the bad guys would kill to get their hands on, on the run.

The Lifetime/A&E mini-series has already attracted William Hurt and Holly Hunter to its ensemble.

Warner Bros has given Moviehole the honor of hosting the territory exclusive trailer for "Jack the Giant Slayer".



20th Century Fox is developing a prequel to "The Omen", with Antonio Campos in negotiation to direct. The supernatural horror thriller will be titled "The First Omen" and...
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