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Reynolds, Faris do <i>TMI</I>
17 Nov

Reynolds, Faris do TMI »

The stars of the 2005 comedy “Just Friends” reunite

About the Thor casting.. »

Stevenson, Townsend, Asona onboard?

Captain Nemo Sinks! »

Disney and McG walk away from “20,000 Leagues”

<i>Batman 3</i> news coming!
16 Nov

Batman 3 news coming! »

Warner Bros expected to make an announcement shortly

Pacific Trailer Online »

The new mini-series from Spielberg and Hanks

Dennis Cole too! »

70s TV hearthrob starred in “Felony Squad” & “Charlie’s Angels”

Edward Woodward Dies »

The Equalizer passes away, age 79

Borgnine is Back! »

Screen vet joins Bruce Willis for comic-book pic “Red”

Cox for Troopers 2, Hobbit »

Teaming with Broken Lizard and Guillermo del Toro, respectively

Angels in the Infield »

Barrymore bringing “Charlie’s” back to network television

ID4-feited? »

Fox don’t want to make “Independence Day” sequels

Rambo changes course »

Stallone sequel has a different storyline now

Caffeinated Clint : Pitch This! »

Part 1 : Screw Your Original Ideas!

Koepp gets <i>Premium</i>
12 Nov

Koepp gets Premium »

“Crystal Skull” writer directing big-budget actioner

A Brandon Walsh Film »

Jason Priestley brings “Freerider” to cinemas

Anyone wanna buy MGM? »

Rocky, James Bond and The Pink Panther may be for sale

Charlie, the Vampire Slayer »

“Buffy” vet to pen remake of “Fright Night”

Keitel joins the Fockers »

Reuniting with his “Mean Streets” co-star Bob De Niro

Smallville telemovie on »

‘Justice League’ event penned by Geoff Johns

Dollhouse Canceled! »

Another great Joss Whedon series bites the dust

Spidey Feline Confirmed? »

Actresses auditioning for lead female in Raimi sequel

Schultz back for A-Team! »

The original Howling Mad Murdock has a cameo


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