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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Pacific

''The money is right there on the screen''

Zemeckis offers Roger Rabbit 2 update

It's coming along slowly but surely

Quick News – October 30, 2010

Release dates, "Goonies" musical, "Hangover 2"

Moviehole at TRON Night

Previewing some new "Tron Legacy" scenes

ID4 director down to a $5m dollar budget

Emmerich doing "Cloverfield"-style movie

Costume Tests from Superman Lives!

This is what Nicolas Cage would've worn!?

Exclusive : Charlie’s Angels Pilot Details

The Who's, What's and Where's of the TV Reboot

Rob Schneider returns to TV

Deuce Bigalow now wants to invade your box

Ryan Kwanten is Charlie Manson

"True Blood" star in Scott Kosar's directorial debut

Hole Cast #8 – Back to the Future Special

Claudia Wells, J.J Cohen, Michael J.Fox, Stephen Clark & more...

Megamind Clippage!

2 new clips from the Will Ferrell/Brad Pitt movie

Fury Road duo doing Snow White first?

Theron, Hardy and a Poison Apple

First Pic of Chris Evans as Captain America…

Steve Rogers, aka The First Avenger, gets snapped

Ric O’Barry : The Movie

Hero of "The Cove" subject of new biopic

Goodbye Big Love!

Fifth season of Bill Paxton drama is the last

Fourth Mission : Impossible titled…

Paramount loses Cruise's number

Quick News – October 28, 2010

"X-Men",Lundgren/Mr T movie, "Angels" greenlit

Trailer for Sanctum Online

Underwater thriller from producer James Cameron

Jeremy Piven is Spy Kids 4 villain

'The Timekeeper' takes on the mini-agents!

Is Schwarzengger in the Avatar sequels?

Cameron's next project are the two "Avatar" sequels

White, Morel, White up for Ouija

Based on the board game of the same name

Tom Cruise doing movie musical?

Shankman wants him for "Rock" movie

Caprica Canceled!

"Battlestar Galactica" prequel taken off the air

The Title of the new Batman movie is…

Nolan also nixes The Riddler!

Berg to direct Deadpool?

Ryan Reynolds impressed with his work on 'Carousel'

Indiana Jones to get in your face!

Are Lucasfilm bringing back the Indy films in 3D, too!?

New rumored Flash contender : Chris Pine

"Star Trek" star in the mix to play Barry Allen?

New Fighter Featurette

Preview the Wahlberg/Bale/Adams movie

Daft Punks TRON : Legacy Music Video

Features new scenes from the film

Studios compete for Thriller movie

Kenny Ortega directing Jackson-inspired flick


Jack O’Connell is Alexander McQueen

Jack O’Connell is set to play Alexander McQueen in an upcoming movie about the fashion designer which will be directed by Andrew Haigh. Damian Jones at DJ...