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Live from Disney's D23 Expo in Los Angeles, California!

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Talk Show Host replacing Paula Abdul on reality series

John Stevenson likely to stay on as director

"District 9" star offered role in big-screen "A-Team"?

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Seems the sequel to the 1991 hit has fallen over

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Clint's DVD and Blu-Ray Review Column

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"Lord of the Rings" prequel' legal woes over

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Fourth will be a sequel, Fifth will be a reboot!?

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"Knockout" in the vein of "Le Femme Nikita"

Pictures from the upcoming Australian thriller

Harkens back to the original "First Blood"

And HABBO opening a virtual "Twilight" community

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Writer/Director of the new comedy "Play the Game"

The Red-Band Trailer for the Troy Duffy Sequel

How "Anvil : The Story of Anvil" changed their lives

"Prime Suspect", "Melrose Place", "New Moon", "Chuck", "Sex and the City 2"

From the writer of Fox's "Fantastic Four" sequel


Right from the opening credits, with its hilarious mockery of everyone associated with the film (the director credited as “some douche” and Stan Lee...