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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Movie News

The latest film and television news stories

First Pic of Henry Cavill as Superman!?

Reboot's actor and director talk to EW

Stop! Hammer Time, new Thor trailer hits the web!

Free PopTart plug for Kellogg's!

Winstead sleeping with future President

Robin McLeavy not in "Vampire Hunter" movie

Guillermo del Toro Cuts Pinocchios’s Strings!

Jim Henson Co, Del Toro & Pathe to produce 3D Stop Motion "Pinocchio"

Lost has made Michael Emerson a Person of Interest

Ben Linus, J.J Abrams reunite

So seems Emma Thompson’s Out of Your League

Alice Eve joins "MIB III"

Hopefully Michel Gondry has a good grasp on Dick

Philip K's "Ubik" gets bigscreen treatment

Award Worthy Snitch movie? Piece of Peirce!

"Stop-Loss" helmer hits the Hood

Dawson Leery, you’re such a Bitch!

James gets his Beek back on the Box

Friday Night Tights!

Adrienne Palicki set to play TVs new Wonder Woman

Wall Street Leo Never Sleeps

Martin Scorsese, Leo Di Caprio doing "Wolf" film

Ghost Face is Making the Rounds!

The new one sheet for "Scream 4"

R.I.P. Len Lesser

"Seinfeld" fans mourn the actor who played Uncle Leo. Dead at 88

A fond farewell to TVs Friday Night Lights

AKA Molly's love letter to Taylor Kitsch

WB Sucker Punches Zack Snyder

"300" prequel goes to Ritchie

Terminator 4 : Rise of the 333 HP Machines

Lin may bring T-800 back to cinemas

Michelle Pfeiffer-Bloodsucking Recluse?

Warner Brothers in talks with Pfeiffer for "Dark Shadows"

Quick News – February 15, 2011

Caruso for "Preacher", "Frankenweenie" deets, "Contagion"

Watch out for your father-in-law Mr Lincoln!

"Loved Ones" star in "Vampire" film



Oscars 2017: Complete Winners list & Best Picture drama!

In what has been one of the most dramatic endings in Oscar history, "Moonlight" has won the Academy Award for Best Picture. The night ran...