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James Bond’s cinematographer to lens Blade Runner 2

ClintMay 21, 2015
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Blade Runner actress nixed from sequel?

ClintMar 28, 2015
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Ridley Scott not directing Blade Runner 2

Harmony JonesNov 26, 2014
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Ridley Scott : Blade Runner 2 script finished, likely to go next

Editorial StaffAug 26, 2014
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Ford approached for Blade Runner 2

ClintMay 16, 2014
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Harrison Ford talking to Ridley Scott about reprising Blade Runner

ClintOct 9, 2013
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Green aboard Blade Runner sequel

ClintJun 1, 2013
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Ridley Scott talks Blade Runner 2 Progress

Ashleigh Hill-BuxtonOct 13, 2012
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Ridley Scott weighs in on the ‘Will Harrison Ford be back for Blade Runner 2‘ Question

ClintFeb 9, 2012
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Thanks for getting us all excited internet! Harrison Ford not back for Blade Runner 2 after all!

ClintFeb 7, 2012
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Harrison Ford in early talks for Blade Runner sequel!

ClintFeb 5, 2012
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The Point Break remake won’t be a 100% pure rip-off of the original, says Producer

ClintJan 2, 2012

Exclusive : Has Warner decided to do Gremlins 3!?

ClintDec 22, 2011
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Harrison Ford not returning for Blade Runner sequel

ClintNov 5, 2011
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Still Burns! Contagion scribe may pen Blade Runner follow-up

ClintSep 25, 2011
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Quick News – The Avengers, Rock of Ages, Blade Runner, First Man, 17th Precinct

Mar 4, 2011