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Ridley Scott not directing <i>Blade Runner 2</i>
26 Nov
Written by Harmony

Ridley Scott not directing Blade Runner 2 »

Much like "Star Wars : The Force Awakens", Harrison Ford's character - the main draw-card of the original - will take a back seat to some new, younger characters.

Ridley Scott : <i>Blade Runner 2</i> script finished, likely to go next
26 Aug
Written by Editorial Staff

Ridley Scott : Blade Runner 2 script finished, likely to go next »

But where does that leave the “Prometheus” sequel he also wants to do?

Ford approached for <i>Blade Runner 2</i>
16 May

Ford approached for Blade Runner 2 »

”We would be honored, and we are hopeful, that Harrison will be part of our project”, said Alcon Entertainment

Harrison Ford talking to Ridley Scott about reprising <i>Blade Runner</i>
9 Oct

Harrison Ford talking to Ridley Scott about reprising Blade Runner »

“Yeah, we’ve been chatting about it”, Ford says of a possible Deckard return

Green aboard <i>Blade Runner</i> sequel
1 Jun

Green aboard Blade Runner sequel »

Hampton Fancher (“Blade Runner,” “The Minus Man,” “The Mighty Quinn”) wrote the first draft.

Ridley Scott talks <i>Blade Runner 2</i> Progress
13 Oct

Ridley Scott talks Blade Runner 2 Progress »

”You start off with a blank sheet and you start to evolve” says the legendary filmmaker

Ridley Scott weighs in on the ‘Will Harrison Ford be back for Blade Runner 2‘ Question »

It’s not a flat-out denial

Thanks for getting us all excited internet! Harrison Ford not back for Blade Runner 2 after all! »

Always hope for Sean Young!?

Harrison Ford in early talks for Blade Runner sequel! »

All hands on Deckard!

The Point Break remake won’t be a 100% pure rip-off of the original, says Producer »

Swayze/Reeves film redone in 2012

Exclusive : Has Warner decided to do <i>Gremlins 3</i>!?
22 Dec

Exclusive : Has Warner decided to do Gremlins 3!? »

Domain renewal may suggest a Gizmo return in the near future…

Harrison Ford not returning for Blade Runner sequel »

Though it’ll be a sequel it’ll feature new characters

Still Burns! <I>Contagion</i> scribe may pen <i>Blade Runner</i> follow-up
25 Sep

Still Burns! Contagion scribe may pen Blade Runner follow-up »

Ridley Scott back at the helm

Quick News – The Avengers, Rock of Ages, Blade Runner, First Man, 17th Precinct »

A showbag of tiny goodies


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